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Weekly Astrology Forecast: November 1st – 7th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

Let us all welcome the month of November! Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

This could be an intense yet rewarding month. You could resolve a lot of outstanding issues you’ve been wanting to get rid of.

This week your focus will be on your business, career, and transformation. There are high days and low days. Find out which of them are. 

Note: Times are in EST 


November 1st: Instant awakening

On Monday, the day starts with an instant awakening and the desire to experience new adventures. It’s because the practical Virgo Moon trines the planet of rebirth Pluto early in the morning. 

Your sensations and desires will reign supreme when that Moon squares the planet of desire Venus until 5:11 PM EST, you could get frustrated when you don’t get what you want.  Harmony and open-mindedness will take place in your relationships when the Moon moves into Libra at the end of the day. 

Astrology Event:

Virgo Moon Trine Pluto 7:30 AM EST

Moon Square Venus 10:57 AM 

Moon → Libra 5:11 PM 

It’s the best time to: 

A great time to spend outdoors with your loved ones and share a hearty soulful meal and experience new adventures and memories together.



November 2nd: Productive organized day

On Tuesday, the astrological setting starts with a strained square between communication planet Mercury and planet of rebirth Pluto – inspiring self-will.

You will also be blessed with great organizational talent and a sense of duty, this is a great day to do something productive and extraordinary at work that could earn you recognition, perhaps a promotion!

 Astrology Event:

Mercury Square Pluto    2:16 AM

Moon Trine Saturn 5:26 AM 

It’s the best time to: 

This is your time to shine, show them what you got! Your goals will be reached and your prayers will be answered.

November 3rd: Auspicious constellations

On Wednesday, the universe will bless us with auspicious constellations both for love and money. You will gain social status and unexpected blessings are on their way to you today. Don’t get too overwhelmed in wishful thinking, take your blessings as they come and don’t think about it too much, and just be grateful.

Astrology Event:

Moon Trine Jupiter 7:10 AM

Moon Square Pluto 9:48 AM

Moon Conjunction Mercury 1:27 PM

Moon sextile Venus 4:34 PM

It’s the best time to: 

It’s a great day to close deals and plan out business strategies, your mind is sharp and you have fair judgment and with Jupiter on your side – it will indeed be your lucky day!

Cap this day with a pat on the back and a restful evening spent with your loved ones.


November 4th: Emotional roller coaster

On Thursday, prepare for an emotional roller coaster ride, this is not a good day to go out on a first date or talk about past issues with your partner. With the Moon in sensitive and jealous Scorpio, you can get easily irritated. This is a challenging day to find inner peace and solace.

Astrology Event:

Moon Square Saturn 7:45 AM 

New Moon (Scorpio) 4:18 PM 

Moon Opposition Uranus 4:32 PM 

Sun Opposition Uranus 7:47 PM

It’s the best time to: 

Don’t judge yourself for your emotions, everything you’re going through will soon make sense. Trust the sensations and the change taking place in your heart. It is preparing you for something big. Wrap yourself around self-love, do some mindful meditation and be kinder to yourself today than usual.

November 5th: Active imagination

On Friday, loving venus in Capricorn blesses you with an active imagination and enthusiasm earlier today. Maintain this energy as you are also ambitious and eager for recognition.

From 11:06 Am up to 5:30 PM conflicts would arise and the cause could be politics or religion, avoid these topics at all cost! 

Stay in a high vibe, spiritual warrior!

Finally, when the Scorpio Moon moves into spirited Sagitarrius at 7:56 PM it would be an excellent time to remind yourself of what really matters to you most.

Astrology Event:

Venus → Capricorn 5:37 AM

Moon Square Jupiter 8:40 AM 

Moon sextile Pluto 11:06 AM 

Moon → Sagittarius 7:56 PM  

It’s the best time to: 

Embrace every step of your journey because they are your stepping stones, every event in your life has significance to your destination. 

November 6th: A cheerful mood

On Saturday, the skies offer to increase your sense of responsibility and organization of your thoughts and everything else around you. You are also in an adaptable, friendly, and cheerful mood the entire day.

Astrology Event:

Moon sextile Saturn 7:50 AM 

Mercury sextile Venus 10:55 AM 

It’s the best time to: 

The year is about to end, have your decluttered your space to make space for new and auspicious energies? Why not do it today?

November 7th: Perfect cosmic landscape

Sunday’s cosmic landscape gives you a perfect constellation that would bring your dreams to reality! A perfect combination of wealth attraction and social success. You are also optimistic and enthusiastic about your newfound social status and your bright days ahead.

You’ll have laser-sharp focus and seriousness especially when the Moon moves into pragmatic Capricorn at 8:07 PM giving you an excellent headstart for the following week.

Astrology Event:

Moon sextile Jupiter 8:54 AM 

Moon → Capricorn 8:07 PM 


In Closing:

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