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Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Spiritual Folks

It’s easy to forget about the Thanksgiving Spirit when we are stressing about cooking a big meal and dealing with the traditional holiday minefields, such as in-laws, sarcastic jokes, and subtle confrontations.

But if you are a spiritual folk, you need to take a step back and appreciate the fact that we are granted an entire day to focus on one important aspect of human nature: gratitude.

Instead of worrying about the uncomfortable and anxiety-producing introduction, we can put a conscious effort to make this day a truly special and spiritual experience.

Here you have five new creative gift ideas to express gratitude on Thanksgiving.


1. Make a gratitude tree.

Look for a small synthetic tree and place it neatly into a beautiful vase. Then, cut some ribbons in your favorite colors to give your tree a festive look.

Instruct your guests with a sign or aloud and lead them to pick one ribbon and tie it onto the tree for everything they feel thankful for. 

Try to cut ten ribbons for each guest so they can come up with ten things to be thankful for. 

This is a wonderful gift to put your guests in a grateful mood or offer it as a present to your closest friends so they can use it as a beautiful centerpiece during their thanksgiving dinners.


2. Thankful place cards

You can create unique place cards to give your guests their names and a blank space for them to write the most important thing they are thankful for this year. 

This will make each guest wander about the dining room and take a peek at what their fellow companions are grateful for, taking this card home with them as a gratitude reminder for 2021.

Be creative when making these place cards! Use colorful paper, decorate them with paint, shapes, stickers, or whatever comes to your mind to leave your unique signature on them.


3. Come up with Gratitude Messages

Get a packet of mini envelopes and fold a piece of paper in the shape of an accordion that’s meant to be inside them later on. There should be one fold for each guest you are having that special evening so they can write on them.

Then, pace the name of every guest outside each envelop and place them all into a basket. Ask your loved ones to write one thing they are truly grateful for but directed to every person participating in this thanksgiving dinner.

Everyone has to write on one space of the accordion-shaped paper, skipping their own envelope, of course.

At the end of the night, each person will take home their envelope and see what everyone wrote! 

This is a beautiful gift they will cherish forever, even if they are not very intimate with some of the people they share the evening with.

4. Create Gratitude Drink Identifiers

This is a great gift idea for thanksgiving dinners where not everyone is very well-acquainted with each other. 

Set out gift tags and strings with a sign that welcomes people to write one thing they are grateful for on the label.

Then, tie the tags to each guest’s wine glass and let them act as a creative conversation starter! 

You can also give this gift to some of your single friends to use during their thanksgiving dinner invitations.


5. Homemade “I’m Thankful for You” Goodies

These gifts never fail! You can make jam, candy apples, English toffee, chocolate cookies, or anything you would like to prepare to show your appreciation for the wonderful people you have in your life.

Add a cute note stating why you are grateful for their company and send in a beautifully wrapped package.

Gratitude is not about celebrating the major victories but appreciating the everyday details that make our lives meaningful.

If you were racking your brains looking for the perfect gift to give to the people you love the most in your life, try to go for thoughtful and simple ideas instead!d

Make sure to welcome back the essence of Thanksgiving into your life and enjoy this magical evening with your loved ones.


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