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Your December 2021 Astrology Forecast

December is the last month of a long year, and its arrival makes us eager to welcome the new cycle that is coming.

But some people start planning their next year’s resolutions ahead of time, without realizing that December has 31 days, and they all hold an opportunity to change the course of our life path.

The month starts with a New Moon in Sagittarius, which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse, a powerful astrological event that encourages people to change their sense of direction.

Then Mercury enters grounded Capricorn, and Mars moves to passionate Sagittarius. Later on, Jupiter enters the spiritual sign of Pisces again.

These intense astrological events will surely influence our relationships and life experiences.

Let’s explore its meaning and impact in more depth.


December 1st: Neptune Goes Direct


Neptune remained in retrograde motion for the last five months, and now it finally goes direct in its ruling sign Pisces. 

Neptune represents the subconscious realm, spirituality, magic, and imagination.

While retrograde, fantasies and delusions stop separating us from the truth to finally get in touch with reality and release subconscious patterns and beliefs that hold us back.

Now that is direct, Neptune inspires us to address our faith and spiritual journey with fresh new eyes and listen to our intuition without getting lost in fantasy land. You can ask guidance from an online psychic if you feel lost.


December 4th: Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse

Sagittarius is the explorer of the zodiac signs, and this December’s New Moon takes place in this constellation together with a Solar Eclipse.

This astrological event will activate our sense of growth, expansion, and higher wisdom.

It will also stir our emotions, making us feel uncertain and confused about our life path.

Trust in what’s unfolding, even if you are not sure about the final results. Focus on what you want to nurture in your life and let it grow.


December 11th: Venus Conjunct Pluto

Venus, the ruler of romance, self-worth, enjoyment, and beauty, conjuncts intense Pluto, making us focus on the power dynamics we are experiencing within our current relationships.

Pluto destroys what no longer serves our true purpose so that we may be reborn from our ashes and emerge more powerful.

During these weeks, jealousy, manipulation, and power struggles will be meaningful themes. Let the old structures crumble away and wait for a more loving way of approaching your connections to take the lead.


December 13th: Mercury Enters Capricorn & Mars Enters Sagittarius

Mercury influences our thought processes and communication skills. When it transits the committed and hardworking sign of Capricorn, we become more grounded to the present and direct our intentions towards our future goals.

At the same time, Mars, the planet of action, drive, and passion, shifts into the sign of Sagittarius, which will boost our energy and increase our desire to go beyond our limits and expand our potential.

With all the encouraging and expansive vibe, this would be a perfect time to set ambitious objectives and make a practical plan of achieving them in record time.


December 21st: Winter Solstice Occurs & Sun Enters Capricorn

The Northern Hemisphere shifts into Winter Solstice, inaugurating Capricorn Season with it. 

Capricorn has disciplined and measured energy that drives us to structure our future plans. Probably an online forecast reading with an online psychic can help you with this so you know what’s up ahead.

This zodiac sign connects us to our sense of responsibility and renews the commitment to our soul’s purpose.

It is our responsibility to create a more fulfilling experience for ourselves. We are the authors of our lives, and external limitations are mere excuses that keep us from spreading our wings and achieving our dreams.


December 24th: Saturn Uranus Final Square

When these two powerful forces clash, it ushers a new change in humanity’s consciousness. Saturn and Uranus formed a square in February this year, leading to a series of events related to our sense of freedom, tradition, and global change.

This is a perfect opportunity to rebuild our value system and for society to change its approach to education, health care, finances, and more.


December 28th/29th: Jupiter Enters Pisces

And finally, Jupiter enters the spiritual and emotional waters of the sign of Pisces, where it will spend most of 2022.

This transit will redirect our attention to our intuition and spiritual pursuits. We’ll have the chance to develop our compassion and enhance the connection to our emotional selves. 

Seek for answers inward and not in easy, external solutions. Jupiter in Pisces dissolves all barriers of physical manifestation and helps us focus on our soul’s purpose.

This is the perfect way to end an intense year full of life-changing events.

However, the energy of Pisces makes us very sensitive to our environment and other people’s emotions.



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As a result, you’ll find the courage you need to overcome your fears and enhance the connection with your inner strength and vision.

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