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How to Protect Your Energy This Coming Holiday Season

Have you ever heard of “emotional vampires”? These characters feed on other people’s energy, especially those who have are very sensitive to spiritual forces.

They crave attention, are self-absorbed, and need the vibe from enlightened beings to feel more powerful. 

This is why when you are around them, you might suddenly feel tired, depressed, and anxious without an apparent reason for this to happen.

However, remember it’s not always easy to spot them. They seem to want you to be happy as long as your success does not cover up theirs due to their lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.

It’s not your job to fix them, though. Focus on protecting your energy from these individuals to keep your emotional state from falling apart, especially during the stressful times of this holiday season.

Signs You’re Dealing with an Energy Vampire 

– You feel energetically drained after seeing this individual. You feel tired, overwhelmed, sad, and anxious. 

You may even feel exhausted just thinking about this person. An emotional vampire is a leech of your emotional vitality. 

So, you may feel weary after giving them your undivided attention because they don’t reciprocate. 

– They dominate every conversation. Energy vampires are not empathetic beings, which is why when you talk to them, they will always bring the subject back to them.  

You won’t have the chance to talk about your feelings or current experiences. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you, but if there is no gain for them, they won’t bother to continue the conversation.

-They play the victim. These individuals are constantly making excuses for their behavior. In fact, they will often paint themselves as victims to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.  

If you let them know that something they did has bothered you, they will do anything in their power to deny it—including blaming you.

Five ways to protect your energy

  • Identify the energy vampire

Energy vampires are not always easy to spot. Notice how you feel before meeting this person. 

Do you feel optimistic, energized, and full of energy, and then you feel suddenly tired and sad after seeing them?

This is a very clear sign that you are dealing with an emotional vampire.

  • Set clear boundaries

If you don’t learn to say “no,” the emotional vampire will consider you easy prey. Be strong and decline their invitations and unwanted visits. 

If you can’t avoid spending time with them, limit your interactions as much as possible.

  • Let your friends know you are dealing with an emotional vampire

Find an ally you can trust and ask them to help you recognize toxic behavior patterns.  

If you surround yourself with good, healthy people, you won’t let emotional vampires get the best of you.

  • Wear protection crystals

Sometimes is inevitable to deal with emotional vampires on a daily basis, for example, if we are talking about a coworker or roommate.  

If this is your case, make sure to always carry with you protection crystals that could help you strengthen your inner core and keep yourself grounded at all times.

Black crystals are a great choice, such as garnet, jasper, black tourmaline, onyx, and smoky quartz.

They create a protective field around your aura that will prevent emotional vampires from penetrating your subtle points.


  • Call on your Spirit Guides

Spiritual forces always surround us; protective souls will come to our aid as soon as we contact them.

Your angels, ancestors, and spirit guides can provide you with a shielding aura when you meet an emotional vampire.

Visualize them investing your energetic field with bright protective light, and you’ll be secure for the rest of the day.



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