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Affirmations To Ease Holiday Stress

Although Christmas energies are meant to celebrate our spirits and be thankful for the people around us, the reality is that the holiday season tends to be stressful.

We’re all rushing to buy gifts, travel to our parents’ house, or prepare our home for guests.

The holiday atmosphere is busy, and you can feel it on the streets with people rushing with packages in their hands to get to their destinations on time.

So what can we do to ease the famous Holiday Stress?

Our mindset and internal dialogue plays a significant role in our mood swings during December.

If you are one of those people that struggle to take things slowly (like me, for example), these helpful affirmations can get you through the Christmas rush without losing your mind in the process.

“My life is packed with things to be grateful for.”

Negative thoughts cloud your vision and don’t let you focus on the good things that are going on in your life. 

Don’t let stressful events ruin your holiday celebrations! A negative mindset can be defeated with gratitude.

Take a few minutes every day to be grateful for everything that makes your life more blissful, such as your family, friends, job, etc.

Afterward, you’ll realize that you are not doing so wrong in the scheme of things.

“This is only a brief window in time.”

If you remind yourself that this season is transitory and it will be over before you notice, you won’t get that overwhelmed by your obligations.

The Christmas season won’t last forever, so enjoy it while you can! Repeat this helpful mantra as many times as you can to get you through the day.

“Making my loved ones happy fills me with joy.”

If you have a young family, you are probably making a lot of sacrifices during this holiday season to please every one of their needs.

Remind yourself why you are doing this and how happy it makes you see your loved ones smile.

After all, the Christmas holiday season is an excellent opportunity to tap into your kind nature and become more selfless.

“I deserve to treat myself.”

But, of course, not everything has to do with pleasing other people. You are also a valuable person that needs to be treated with kindness and love.

If you are not indulging yourself this Christmas season, what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a few more gifts as a reward for making it through this challenging year, and do it without feeling guilty.

You deserve it. 

“I make time for myself every day.”

Don’t hold self-care during the Christmas season. You might be busier than usual, but this doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean booking a spa weekend. You can just remind yourself to take a few breathes each day, use your affirmations, and get enough sleep.

Do what you need to stay emotionally grounded to fully enjoy the holidays with the people you love.


“I am connecting on deeper levels.”

 Spending extra time with our relatives might be overwhelming. But rather than getting frustrated by their over-presence, cherish the time you get to spend with them. 

Don’t find over minor aggravations, and remind yourself this is a unique opportunity to connect with them.

“I am more than capable enough.”

If you are about to give in because you think you won’t make it to the Christmas party, remember all the challenges you have overcome in the past.

So don’t take on too much responsibility or place too much importance on this holiday. Take it easy and remember that things don’t have to be perfect.

“These holidays are going to be filled with joy.”

Don’t let small setbacks derail your entire Christmas. Take a deep breath, relax, and focus on the things you are grateful for. These holidays will be filled with happiness if you allow them to be.

Quick tips for Christmas self-care

 If the affirmations are not enough and you are getting increasingly stressed out, take a step aside and take some time to recharge your batteries.

Make self-care a priority through these helpful tips:

– Check in with yourself regularly

 – Make it a regular habit to take a pause and check in with yourself during the day, no matter how busy you are. 

– Take stock of your energy levels and emotional well-being and see what things you can change to get yourself back to a happier and safer place.

– Make your own safe space

– Create a safe space for yourself this holiday season. This will help you get a few minutes of quiet time when things are getting chaotic in your mind.

– Seek a place in your home or outdoors where you can be with yourself for a while and think through your emotions.

– Always opt for kindness

Nothing in life is perfect, no matter how hard you try them to be. So expect some things to go wrong! Anticipate setbacks and be prepared for the unexpected.

Always opt to be kind, especially with yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your plans don’t go as expected. You are doing the best you can, and that’s what matters.


We are soon reaching the final days of the holiday season, which are the most stressful ones, but we are almost on the finish line, so don’t get discouraged by the number of responsibilities you have on your back. 

Rely on your affirmations and find your inner peace whenever you feel like crumbling beneath the Christmas tree.

Recharge your emotional and mental batteries and focus on fully enjoying this special time with your loved ones.

You’re surrounded by a bright light in the middle of darkness. You have the freedom, love, wealth, and anything that will bring more bliss into your life.

You just need to know how to visualize it and bring them into your reality. 

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Maria Fernanda

Maria Fernanda

For nearly 10 years now, I have been writing about the mysteries of astrology and spirituality, with all the beauty and complexity this can entail. I strongly believe that communicating the magic of the symbolic world is also a form of healing.