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Feng Shui Wealth and Prosperity Practices for 2022

The Year of the Tiger has begun, and we are all making preparations for our year ahead. 


If you are fully ready to wipe the slate clean and make 2022 one of your bests years ever, this is an excellent time to learn how Feng Shui can help you attract abundance and wellbeing to your life.


If you adjust the decoration of your surroundings according to this sacred knowledge, you’ll be fostering the right environment for a prosperous family, successful career, and a healthy and peaceful 2022.


Once you get rid of the clutter in your house, the energies of the environment the space will be released from the visible and invisible vibes affecting your life.

The Different Areas of Your House


The first thing you should do is learn which area of your house affects the different spheres of your life, along with the color and element associated with it.


For example, if you are having trouble getting pregnant, find the room associated with children, hang a beautiful bouquet of white flowers, and add more light into that area.


Clearing the space from clutter, broken things, and dusty items will restore harmony and foster the proper Chi energy flow in your life.


Main Entrance 


The main entrance of your house is one of the most important areas, so make sure it’s clear from any clutter. 


If there is a wall or something else blocking the view of the rest of the house, this could be hindering the correct flow of the Chi energy.

Front Part of your Home


How do you feel when you stand at your doorway facing the interior? Are there any obstructions like a stairway or column? Is there a desk or a wall angle facing the door?


Move whatever you can and soften any aggressive corners with lively plants or fabric hangings.


Feng shui associates this part of the house with the element water, so hanging pictures of water bodies such as the beach, a lake, rivers, or fountains helps enhance the energy flow of your house.


An Aquarium or water fountain in this section could also help the correct flow of Chi’s energy. 


Another Feng Shui tip is to hang a bamboo flute over your front door (from the inside) as it will bring blessings to your guests and family every time you enter and leave the house.


Outside of the house


This area of your house is also very important to consider. Homes located in a bay area could drain the energy of your family. 


Homes located at the dead-end of a street could affect abundance and prosperity, both financially and physically.


Make sure you don’t leave dead plants or trees, as they are bad for your health. 


Also, the placement of an 8-side mirror outside the house could be enough to block any side effect of negative energy.



Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy that should be practiced in a respectful way. Don’t take it lightly and honor its principles whenever you decide to clean your space.


The intention and approach you take will make a huge difference in the outcome, so keep a positive mindset while applying Feng Shui in your house.


Start simple if you want to make Feng Shui part of your daily practice. Tackle the areas of your life that need your attention and move on from there.


As a result, your energy will be elevated, and your 2022 will be packed with prosperous opportunities for you and your family.

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Maria Fernanda

Maria Fernanda

For nearly 10 years now, I have been writing about the mysteries of astrology and spirituality, with all the beauty and complexity this can entail. I strongly believe that communicating the magic of the symbolic world is also a form of healing.