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Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 31st, 2022 – February 6th, 2022

Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

We have a big week coming up. We have Mercury going direct and the Lunar New Year! Where the ruling zodiac animal shifts, as well as your fate!


Jan 31st: Visualize and Manifest

On Monday, you will be able to visualize what you really want for your future, you feel like having a fresh start. The New moon in Aquarius urges us to think of more ways to grow and improve.
Astrology Event:

New Moon in progressive Aquarius  

It’s the best time to:

List down your New Moon wishes and affirmations, start manifesting the life you truly want for yourself.


February 1st: Happy Lunar New Year!

On Tuesday, which is the Lunar New Year, most of the day the Moon will be void off course or taking its break. Expect difficulty in concentration and finding the will to do anything.

This may also have something to do with the shifting of energies from the Metal Ox to the Water Tiger as its ruling zodiac of the year 2022.

Astrology Event:

The Moon is void of course 

It’s the best time to:

Take it easy today and just relax, celebrate the Lunar New Year. Buy something online! For some religions, and ethnicities Lunar New Year is as important as the New year, and some count it as Day 1 of 2022. You can start your new year’s resolution if you failed to do so last January.


February 2nd: There is no limit on what you can achieve

 On Wednesday, your creative juices will be flowing naturally, endlessly. It’s because of expansive Jupiter aligning with creative and reflective Pisces. There will be a lot of exploring, learning and self-expression through arts and music.

Astrology Event:

The Moon is in reflective Pisces 

Aligning with expansive Jupiter

It’s the best time to:

Go with the flow and listen to your intuition, there is no limit to what you can learn and accomplish today.


February 3rd: Mercury goes direct 

On Thursday, finally, Mercury stations direct after being on Retrograde. You can set your travels and meetings, sign important contracts, or go on dates! 

There will no longer be issues with technology, travel, and communication.

Astrology Event:

Mercury goes direct 

 It’s the best time to:

Go and spread your wings, think outside the box, and don’t be confined within the norms of society! 


February 4th: Luck is on your side

On Friday, ambitious Mars will be in harmony with expansive and lucky Jupiter. Urging us to get back to our tasks and finish them. You’ll have the brand-new motivation and inspiration to work on yourself.

Astrology Event:

Ambitious Mars is in harmony with lucky Jupiter 

It’s the best time to:

Luck is on your side and you’ll be on a roll. This will be a fantastic day to look back on old projects that have been on the back burner.


February 5th: Motivation and willpower 

On Saturday, with persistent Aries and progress Aquarius on your side this day will be filled with positive vibrations, mental sharpness, adventures, and excitement. 

Astrology Event:

The Moon is in Aries in harmony with the Aquarius Sun 

It’s the best time to:

Make it a productive weekend with family and friends. Nourish your mind, body, and soul.


February 6th: A calming and relaxing day

On Sunday, calming Taurus will grant you peace, serenity, and relaxation. Just what you needed to rest, recharge and recover. The Moon moves into calming Taurus 

It’s the best time to:

Spend a Sunday slowdown by just resting, not thinking of anything, enjoying nothingness.



Your new reality sets in 24 hours from now – when the Metal Ox shifts into the Water Tiger on Feb 1st.

Two things could happen, you could

– either make the most out of this shift let the odds work in your favor and harness a multitude of blessings… 

or you can stay where you are right now, nothing’s wrong with that.

But don’t you think you deserve to be on the receiving end of good things in life, this time around?

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I’m truly excited for you as we let the light of the dynamic Water-Tiger lead the way…

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