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Lucky Stones this Love Month

After a challenging (but also enlightening) January, February comes with fantastic opportunities to change our difficult circumstances and direct our life towards a better future.


With Venus and Mercury in direct motion after a few long weeks, the whole picture of our life is much clearer now to attract love and good communication to our path.


And for you to make the best of this month, you can use a few lucky stones to help you along the way. 


Crystals and gemstones have different vibrations that can be used to enhance your own spiritual vibrations, and some are suited to supporting love and romance in your life. 


They can help you hone your intuition and provide you with strong psychic contact with your higher self.


Whether you are using them to attract a partner, manifest love, or just as energetic emotional support as you navigate the passionate waters of romance.



Amber – Stone of Ancient Energy


Amber is considered a good luck charm for a thriving marriage. This stone is calming and energizing at the same time, providing a healthy balance in the realm of love. 


Amber attracts lasting love by bringing patience, sensuality, healing, and balance to your relationships. 

 AMBER GEMSTONE Meaning - Crystal Of Joy, Luck & Confidence


Garnet – Stone of Commitment

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This beautiful red stone balances our sex drive and inspires passion, devotion, and trust within your relationship. Its intense energy cultivates desire, making it a lucky stone for stagnant affairs that need a little boost.


It also helps you break with toxic patterns of behavior and enhances self-confidence.



Lapis Lazuli – The Wisdom Keeper 


This stone promotes harmony in relationships, keeping your head and heart perfectly balanced. You can wear Lapis Lazuli to heal your broken heart or have a better understanding of an injured attachment.


This powerful gem can help you be more comfortable with your feelings and express them honestly, fostering self-knowledge and inner peace.

Moonstone – Stone For New Beginnings


This stone brings good luck in love, known as a typical wedding gift. Moonstone symbolizes abundance, renewal, love, and new beginnings. 


You can use it to restore a broken bond or cement your current relationship.

 Moonstone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits


Opal – The Seductive Stone


Contrary to what the rumors say, opal attracts desire, love, and a lot of passion to your life. This gemstone intensifies romance by encouraging you to let go of your inhibitions and try new things in your love life. 


It also ensures fidelity and proper communication in your relationship. Opal serves as an emotional stabilizer and helps you navigate the ups and downs of your love story.

 2.80 ct Gem Bright Blue Green Color Natural Queensland


Moss Agate – The Gardeners Stone


This grounded gemstone attracts abundance in your intimate relationships, helping you soothe anxiety and promoting healthy healing of your past love wounds. 


Moss Agate enhances the heart chakra and clears any blockage affecting your love life. If you want to strengthen your current love affair, this stone will bring emotional balance and peace to your attachment.

 Moss Agate Tumbled Stone | Agate Stone


Rhodochrosite – The Stone of the Compassionate Heart


This gemstone promotes selfless love and emotional healing, preparing the ground for a new passion coming into your life.


Rhodochrosite strengthens your self-worth, and compassion attracts true romance that expands your heart.



Rose Quartz – The Unconditional Love Stone


The rose quartz is directly attached to the heart chakra, which is known as the stone of unconditional love. It has a gentle energy that promotes compassion and a peaceful stream of self-love.


If you are looking for company and understanding, the rose quartz will help you attract a loving partner by your side.



Pink Tourmaline – The Virtue of Love Stone


This stone helps you face your intimacy fears by enhancing compassion. It also promotes smooth transitions, making it a powerful stone for healing a broken heart or emotional trauma.


Pink tourmaline links the heart and crown chakras, combining love and spirituality for a magical outcome.



Opportunities to improve our love life this February are available to all. 


However, if we feel insecure, closed to love, and without adequate psychic contact between our emotions and thoughts, they may go unnoticed.




So be sure to use some of these powerful stones to attract abundance and manifest a worthy relationship into your life.

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