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Weekly Astrology Forecast: February 21, 2022 – February 27, 2022

Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week we are in for a mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stimulating ride. This week’s theme is reflection, creativity, hard work, and at the end of the week relaxation and rejuvenation.

We also just entered the Pisces season which will bring more surprises to the horizon. 


February 21st: Delve into the metaphysical realm

On Monday, the Moon will be in deep and spiritual Scorpio. You will cling to intimacy in your relationships, you are also highly connected to the spiritual and psychological aspects of life. This makes it a great day to dive into Astrology, Crystals, and other learnings that would grow your knowledge in the metaphysical dimension.

Astrology Event:
The Moon is in Deep and spiritual Scorpio

It’s the best time to:
Try to be more understanding when your needs can’t be provided by your partner, don’t let the dark side of Scorpio get in your way. Instead, try to get a free online psychic reading for insights and clarity.

February 22nd: Set your focus on one goal today

On Tuesday, the authoritarian Saturn is in tension with deep Scorpio, ruling your emotions. Watch out for emotional outbursts as your feelings could be unstable, you may feel detached and unable to express and live your truth.

Astrology Event:
Deep Scorpio Moon is in tension with restrictive Saturn

It’s the best time to:
Take Saturn’s strongest trait and apply it to your day. In terms of discipline, this is a great day to finish outstanding tasks because you have excellent concentration. Set and focus on your daily goal and everything else will just be background noise.

February 23rd: It’s not too late to improve

On Wednesday, you will be brimming with optimism, thanks to positive-thinker Sagittarius your day will be filled with good vibrations. You will have an epiphany of what old toxic habits to let go of and this time, you’re really serious.

Astrology Event:
Last Quarter Moon in optimistic Sagittarius

It’s the best time to:
It’s not too late to act on your New Year’s resolution my dear, the fact that you realize your wrongdoings is a sign of growth, now all you have to do is take action and you’re on your way to your best self. This could be as small as taking time off from social media or eating less meat, whatever it is, small steps still lead to results.

February 24th: Connect with your higher self

On Thursday, love planet Venus is in harmony with creative and dreamy Neptune. This doubles up your creativity and sparks your artistic nature. There is no limit to your imagination.

Astrology Event:
Creative Venus is in harmony with illuminating Neptune

It’s the best time to:
Connect with your highest self today, you are supported by the Universe which means you might reach unimaginable levels of Meditation.

February 25th: Make a change for the better

On Friday, the Moon moving to pragmatic and hard-working Capricorn will inspire you to relentlessly pursue your goals, you’ll realize you’ve been slacking long enough and this time you really want to make a change for the better.

Astrology Event:
The Moon moves into pragmatic Capricorn

It’s the best time to:
There’s no denying that you’ll be productive on this day, give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself with a relaxing bath and a cup of warm tea at the end of a long workday.

February 26th: A pleasant dreamy time

On Saturday, hardworking Capricorn Moon is in harmony with dreamy Pisces, urging you to think beyond your imagination and have a pleasant calming weekend.

Astrology Event:
The hardworking Capricorn Moon is in harmony with the imaginative and dreamy Pisces Sun

It’s the best time to:
Have a relaxing time with your friends and family, choose to heal your exhausted mind, body, and soul on this day.

February 27th: Innovative ideas

On Sunday, the Capricorn Moon moves into progressive Aquarius, giving you a mental boost amplifying your intelligence. Watch out for the messages of the Universe – the answers that you seek would be presented to you.

Astrology Event:
The Moon moves into progressive Aquarius

It’s the best time to:
You’ll have ideas for innovation, list them down, and pitch them to your superior on the coming workweek!


Great things are about to happen to you SOON, I have felt it in my energy work… 
You need to be careful! 
I can clearly also see negative waves around you. 
Is something or someone working against you or stirring up trouble so that your life remains in its Unlucky state? 
The reason for your difficult personal, financial and emotional situation at the moment is most certainly related to YOUR STAR PATH!

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