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Pisces Season 2022: What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign

On February 18, the Sun is shifting into the sensitive sign of Pisces, inaugurating a very emotional season for all of us. 


During the next few weeks, daydreamers, artists, romantics, and spiritualists will come to the front and enjoy a quiet dive into the depths of the ocean of emotions.


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac wheel and represents the end of a cycle, a great opportunity to slow down and relax.


This season is for you to reflect on the fantastic journey you have been on for the past months


What significant changes have you encountered? Did your goals, dreams, and desires change? 


These weeks, reflection is key to helping you start the new astrological journey with enthusiasm and confidence.


Our intuition will sharpen, and our compassionate sides emerge during Pisces season, so don’t be surprised if you feel inclined to engage in a humanitarian pursuit.


That’s why you will feel more in tune with everyone around you, even the people you don’t personally know. 


Dreams and synchronicities will become more vivid and intense, so keep a journal with you at all times and write down everything that comes to your psyche.


Even though the Sun in Pisces already carries these vibes, Neptune and Jupiter are also hanging out in this emotional zodiac sign. 


When Pisces influence is so deeply manifested, it’s best not to demand too much from ourselves and be compassionate towards our efforts.



You might need to rest more, take things slowly, and be receptive to your emotional needs. 

The Fish’s energy is compassionate and sympathetic, but if you take it to an extreme, you might fall prey to other people’s ill intentions.


Pisces energy makes us prone to daydreaming, and while it’s an inspiring vibe for artistic pursuits and romantic encounters, don’t forget to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.


This season will set in motion a very important planetary aspect of this year: the conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. This astrological aspect happens every 12.5 years and the last time they met in this zodiac sign was in 1856.



This powerful event will bring more creativity, romance, and a more profound commitment to our spiritual journey

This will lead us to fantastic opportunities in our personal and collective lives.


In addition, Venus and Mars will be moving close to one another, fostering all kinds of romantic opportunities our way.


Venus rules love and connections, while Mars rules desire, passion, and sex. 


It is a beautiful combination for singles to meet new love interests or people to take their relationships to the next level (especially when both planets join Neptune on February 22 and 23).


Mark March 13 on your calendar as an important date since the Sun and Neptune will align in Pisces, bringing an increased sense of sentimentality, intuition, and exhaustion to our daily experience.



Avoid making important decisions this day. 

Weigh your options carefully and think about all the possibilities. Reach out to the people you trust before embarking on a new path, as this decision might affect the rest of your life.


Overall, Pisces season inspires us to engage in more soulful activities. It’s time to make a detox, cleanse our spirits, listen to our intuition, and focus on our dreams.


The Sun in Pisces wants us to embrace the artist inside us. Paint something, make music, dance like no one is watching!


Share your inspiring ideas with the world and connect with all the other sensitive beings out there, waiting to share their unconditional love!




This season reminds us that we must take care of our bodies, listen to your intuition and express our creativity. 

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As a result, your energy will be elevated, and your 2022 will be packed with prosperous opportunities for you and your family – no matter your sign is.

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