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Weekly Astrology Forecast: March 21, 2022 – March 27, 2022

Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week, we are officially in Aries season, the Spring Equinox also begins. 

Aries helps us to become more assertive and to become braver and more relentless in chasing our goals. The stars are aligning this week with more positivity and expansion so we can embrace and live our truths.


March 21st: Usher in some positivity

On Monday, let’s usher in some positivity to start the week right!

The communication planet Mercury harmonizes with expansive Jupiter inspiring optimism within all of us.

This also means you have an innate ability to flow and develop harmony between details and the big picture. You have the common sense to back up your knowledge.


Astrology Event:

Communication planet Mercury is in harmony with expansive Jupiter 


This is the best time to:

Put all your visions into action, embrace the harmony between your spiritual and physical body.


March 22nd: Broaden your horizons

On Tuesday, the optimistic Sagittarius Moon will grace the skies. It will be all about expansion and broadening of the minds. Expansive Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

You will be inspired to chase after wisdom and the truth about the world. Bringing in hope for the future.


Astrology Event:

Moon in optimistic Sagittarius 


This is the best time to:

It’s the best day for manifestation, investing in your path, and following your joy and passion as it will reveal the path to your best life.


March 23rd: Release your emotional baggage

On Wednesday,  you can start releasing your emotional baggage that is rooted in hate and anguish, done by people you used to care about. Think about forgiveness and compassion that will set you free. Mercury the planet of communication and self-expression is in harmony with tolerant Neptune.


Astrology Event:

Mercury is in harmony with benevolent Neptune


This is the best time to:

Reflect on your emotions, is there something still bothering you from the past? Have you forgiven yourself and people who have wronged you? It’s the best time to reflect on these matters.


March 24th: Find your way forward

On Thursday, the Moon enters pragmatic and hardworking Capricorn, giving you laser-sharp focus on your tasks and goals for the day. Find your way forward, your time and dedication will connect you with success in all that you do.


Astrology Event:

The Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn 


This is the best time to:

Allow yourself to shine unconditionally, discover your hidden strengths and express yourself unapologetically.


March 25th: Leave toxicity behind

On Friday, the last quarter of the Moon will be in hardworking Capricorn, inspiring you to wrap up loose ends and leave toxic behaviors and thought patterns behind.  


Astrology Event:

The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn


This is the best time to:

Get ready for an exciting new lunar cycle, a chance for a new beginning.


March 26th: Authenticity 


On Saturday, when the Moon moves into innovative Aquarius, this urges you to embrace progress, embrace your authenticity, and live your truth.


Astrology Event:

The Moon moves into innovative Aquarius 


This is the best time to:

Keep expanding, keep innovating, you are a constantly changing individual – ever transforming to become your best self.


March 27th: Communication and bravery

On Sunday, the planet of communication and self-expression moves into assertive Aries, driving you to embrace your courage and become more assertive and decisive. 


Astrology Event:

Mercury moves into Aries 


This is the best time to:

Speak your mind and use your voice to influence others to vibrate higher. Promote peace despite being assertive, your heart is more powerful than anything. 



The Spring Equinox started a shift that is of crucial importance on this day March 21, 2022.. 

I have felt and experienced it getting more and more powerful. You need to see this dear one because it contains crucial information about the 1 imminent event from your upcoming future…. 

>>Your divine message of guidance is waiting here, Spiritual Seeker,.


Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez is a Feng Shui advisor and Spiritual blogger. Dedicated to enchant readers and guide them to the path of finding their intrinsic self, getting self-fulfillment and prosperity