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Weekly Astrology Forecast: July 17th, 2023 – July 23rd, 2023

Dear Soul Explorer,

This week, the cosmos is aligning to present you with gateways for emotional maturation, innovative self-expression, and mystical bonding. 

However, it’s not without its share of challenges, particularly those involving dominance and restraint. 

Let’s explore how the upcoming celestial occurrences like the New Moon in Cancer, Venus retrograde in Leo, and other astrological patterns will influence you this week.

July 17th: Comfort your spirit


The dawn of Monday greets us with a New Moon in Cancer, inviting introspection, the creation of strategies for emotional stability, and the nurturing of uplifting relationships. 

This is a period to concentrate on your feelings, intuitive prowess, and your personal sanctuary. The New Moon in Cancer serves as an ideal time to establish goals for personal advancement, familial relationships, and emotional health.

Astrological Phenomenon: New Moon in Cancer

Ideal Activities: Cultivate your relationships with those who offer love and support. Show gratitude and appreciation, engage in self-love activities, and indulge in soothing your spirit.

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July 18th: Revel in your victories


With the Moon transitioning into the vibrant Leo on Tuesday, it fosters an atmosphere of high self-regard, zeal, and a thirst for recognition.

Astrological Phenomenon: Moon in Leo

Ideal Activities: Unleash your creativity and passion in all pursuits, be kind and open-hearted with everyone, and commemorate your triumphs, big or small!

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July 19th: Share your knowledge

Come Wednesday, the Leo Moon’s positive alignment with Mercury amplifies your ability to communicate assertively, divulge your passions, partake in artistic activities, and express your genuine self.

Astrological Phenomenon: Leo Moon positively aligns with Mercury

Ideal Activities: Engage in entertainment and learning activities with friends and family, share your wisdom, and most importantly, savor life’s beauty and joy.

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July 20th: Pursue your muse

Thursday sees the Cancer Sun forming a propitious aspect with Neptune, escalating your intuition, emotional consciousness, and profound spiritual connection.

Astrological Phenomenon: Cancer Sun favorably aligns with Neptune

Ideal Activities: Utilize your intuition and imagination to delve into your feelings and dreams. Seek spiritual insight and connection through meditation or similar practices. Trust your inner guidance and heed your inspiration.

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July 21st: Deep emotions


The Cancer Sun’s challenging aspect with Pluto on Friday may ignite powerful dynamics or emotional disputes. 

You might feel an overwhelming instinct to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from any potential danger, accompanied by the surfacing of potent emotions like fear, anger, envy, or bitterness.

Astrological Phenomenon: Cancer Sun has a challenging aspect with Pluto

Ideal Activities: Aim to divert this energy towards productive tasks like revamping your living space, resolving past issues, or empowering yourself. Take this chance to confront your fears and let go of what is no longer beneficial.

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July 22nd: Rekindle your inner youth

Venus turns retrograde in Leo on Saturday. This shift urges you to focus on self-love, healing past traumas, and reconsidering your desires and artistic pursuits.

Astrological Phenomenon: Venus goes retrograde in Leo

Ideal Activities: The retrograde period of Venus in Leo is a time to reassess your relationships, creativity, and personal expression. It might invoke a desire to reconnect with your inner child, your passions, and your happiness. Concentrate on healing your heart, expressing love, and appreciating your individuality.

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July 23rd: Grace and comfort

On Sunday, the Moon transitions into the harmonious Libra, spotlighting peaceful communication, elegance, and tranquility in your surroundings.

Astrological Phenomenon: Moon enters Libra

Ideal Activities: Pamper yourself with beauty and luxury. Libra values aesthetics and elegance, so indulge in self-care or pampering. Treat yourself to something that uplifts your spirit, like new clothing, an art piece, or a spa visit.

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In Conclusion:

The upcoming week blends emotional ebbs and flows, creativity, and power dynamics. 

Be aware of how you express yourself and interact with others. 

Use the New Moon in Cancer to establish goals for emotional health and stability. Use Venus retrograde in Leo to revisit your personal values and passions. 

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Uncover the mystical charm that’s in store for you.

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