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Monthly Q&A – Answers To Your Burning Questions

Dear Spiritual Seekers,

A few days ago, I emailed to ask you what burning personal questions you have in life and in general, whatever it is that is bothering you right now.

And I’ve heard you.

Today I am answering some of your questions.

We have posted your questions anonymously for privacy.


Q1: Can you predict when I will meet my soulmate?

Answer: The stars suggest that significant planetary transits this year could bring about meaningful connections. Look for Venus’s interactions with your Sun sign for key periods where romance could flourish.


Q2: How big financially am I going to win this month?

Answer: Financial gains look promising! Jupiter’s alignment indicates potential for financial growth. Focus on investment opportunities and trust your intuition to guide you towards fruitful ventures.


Q3: My Venus is in Aquarius. I heard Venus is the planet of love and we are currently in the Age of Aquarius. What is the significance of this?

Answer: Your Venus in Aquarius places you at an advantage during the Age of Aquarius, enhancing your appeal through unique and innovative traits. This is a powerful time for love, as your ideals and way of relating are in harmony with universal energies.


Q4: I don’t know what I want? I’m confused about many things which is happening around me. Can you answer my question?

Answer: This phase of uncertainty is aligned with Neptune’s foggy influence. Embrace introspection and spiritual pursuits; clarity will emerge as you align more with your inner self.


Q5: Will I win the lottery this year in 2024?

Answer: While the stars can’t promise a win, the alignment of Jupiter with your financial sector suggests that there’s a higher chance for unexpected gains this year. Keep an eye on days when the Moon is in your prosperity angle for your best chances to play.


Q6:  I have a question me being a life path 7. How do I discover what’s in my present chart for my purpose at this present moment.

Answer: As a Life Path 7, you are on a quest for knowledge and truth. The current transits suggest a focus on personal growth and enlightenment. Dive into activities that feed your soul and mind.


Q7: I really want to know when everything will open up for me. For a long time I feel stuck in most areas of my life. I have to say that I can feel a big change is near for me. I am trying to stay optimistic, I have faith in the good in life.

Answer: The universe is gearing up for a major shift in your favor. Uranus’s current position hints at breaking free from the old to make way for new and exciting paths. Stay optimistic, a breakthrough is near!


Q8: I seem to have problems with my love life, could you tell how it will work out and who my soulmate would be?

Answer: Current planetary positions suggest it’s time to clear misunderstandings and foster better communication. Your soulmate might be someone who deeply understands your need for emotional and intellectual connection.


In Closing:

This month, we’ve delved into crucial aspects of love, prosperity, and personal challenges. 

Remember, the stars are always moving, and so are the opportunities they bring. Don’t miss our next issue where we will answer more of your burning questions. 

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