See what Taurus’ Luxury Season Means for your Zodiac Sign

The intensity brought by the Aries season has finally come to an end, giving way to the arrival of Taurus, a season that lasts from April 20 to May 20.

Aries gave you the impulse to start a new path, and Taurus brings a stabilizing atmosphere to help you ground your efforts into something tangible.

This is the time to pause and look at the resources you have available to put your ideas into action.

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Auspicious Eastern Animal Signs this 2022

2022 is the year of the Tiger in Chinese Astrology, making the Goat and Ox the luckiest zodiac signs this year.


Horse, Dragon, Rooster, and Rabbit people are also bound to experience a pleasant 2022, especially in their finances and work endeavors.


If you were born on a Tiger year like 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, or 2010, then have a happy birth year! 


Make sure you were a lot of red during 2022, as this color will bring you even more good luck than you already have.


Year of the Tiger


From February 1st, 2022, to January 21st, 2023, we will celebrate the Water Tiger Year, the king of all wild beasts in China.


The Tiger zodiac sign represents courage, strength, braveness, and exorcising evils.


This is the third animal of the Chinese zodiac, and it speaks of a powerful and passionate personality that lives its life to the fullest.


Tiger people are quick-tempered and never give up on their dreams. They are also very generous, warm, and friendly.


If this is your Chinese zodiac, you are a natural-born leader, and you are true to your identity. You would never do anything against your core values just to please others or make some profit from it.



What are the Chinese Zodiac’s luckiest animals horoscopes this 2022?



Tiger: This is a wonderful year to cement your relationship with the person you love or to find a life partner that genuinely meets your standards. 


Your career will take a positive turn as you receive plenty of opportunities for promotion. However, don’t make rash financial decisions and save some money for a rainy day.



Ox: 2022 heralds good health, a smooth career path, and pleasant love life for these natives. Other people will be eager to help you in your plans, but you still must put in your best effort to succeed. 


Money and abundance will come naturally to you, although finances might fluctuate during some months of the year.


Your health will be strong, and you’ll feel with plenty of energy to tackle unfinished businesses and conquer your dreams.



Goat: You are about to experience one of the luckiest years of your life! Your career will grow exponentially, and your relationships will thrive as never before. 


Rely on your intuition as it will guide you towards your true love. And when you find them, let go of past insecurities and express your love without holding anything back!



Horse: Money and work opportunities will come easily for you this year since your dedication and talents are finally being acknowledged.


If you want to improve your relationships, learn to communicate better and listen to other people’s perspectives before taking action.



Dragon: Your luck will positively change compared to the previous year, Dragon. You are now more confident about your skills, and this attitude will make your business thrive.


Work hard and focus on the prize, and you won’t have to worry again about your future’s stability.



Rooster: Your luck this 2022 will highly depend on others’ assistance. Your friendly personality attracts genuinely good people who will help you with your projects to make this year a very productive one.



Rabbit: The minor problems you encounter this year will seem trivial compared to the ones you experienced last year. You are now wiser and older, so use your past experiences to your advantage.


This is a good year to invest in your future, like getting married, buying a house, or planning to start a family. These important life changes will bring luck to your personal and professional life.


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As a result, your energy will be elevated, and your 2022 will be packed with prosperous opportunities for you and your family – no matter your sign is.

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