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Forecast for the month of October

Private October Black Water Tiger Reading Specially Prepared For
Date of Birth: 24 Feb 1997



You ARE A Fire Ox




I’m so grateful that you are open to receiving your Astrological reading for the month of October.

There’s so much I have to tell you, about what's in store for you for 2022, the year of the Black Water Tiger.

In the month of October, you will begin to feel the abundant energy that’s now available for diving deep into who you are and getting aligned with your truest self.

Are you feeling the huge shift in energy that began on February 1, 2022 as we shifted from the Year of the Metal-Ox to the Year of the Water-Tiger?

The Month of October can be a powerful time in your life, if you take action.

There are several critical time-sensitive windows of opportunity for you to leverage so you can make the most of the abundant energy that will be coming your way during 2022.

You will be completely blown away at how different your life will look in 2022

That is… IF you take the time to prepare right now. If you don’t, then 2022 might not be as amazing for you.

I can see that 2020 and 2021 were both incredibly challenging for you.

But you were strong.

You weathered every single storm.

And you are still here, stronger than ever.

I know the challenges you experienced were painful,

But every single one of them was essential to prepare you for the beautiful changes that are ahead of you in 2022.

Without the strength and resilience you have developed over the past two years, you would not be ready for the beautiful new life that is waiting for you in 2022.

I’m about to share some extremely time-sensitive information with you,

And you need to carefully read every word so you can take the action steps needed to make 2022 the most magical time you have ever experienced in your life...

What I’m about to share with you is the roadmapyou need to guide you through this powerful time of transition.

You need to make the most of every single minute so you don’t waste any of your precious time going in the wrong direction.

You’ll know the specific actions you need to take, obstacles you need to be aware of so you can avoid them, and the days you need to look out for windows of opportunity that will show up in your life.

I’ve used my years of experience in both Eastern and Western astrology to consult the stars for you,

And I’ve created a roadmap for your journey that will guide you to make the most of the new Water-Tiger energy of 2022/2023 without anything holding you back.

So if you’re ready to remove the things that are blocking you from living the life you were born to live...

Keep reading to discover how you can get those blocks out of your life as quickly and easily as possible.

This will enable you to dive in without hesitation while everyone around you who doesn’t have the roadmap you will have is still trying to figure everything out.

You’ll have a huge head start,!

Now…I bet you read reports by different astrologers in the last two years who told you that 2020 would be your best year ever.

And people who told you 2021 was going to be your best year ever.

Was that how those years turned out for you,

Were the past two years your best years ever?

Well… I'm not going to lie to you

2022 is going to be a challenging year, but it's going to be very different energy than 2020 and 2021.

Very different.

And you need guidance this year IF you want to leverage this powerful energy instead of being plowed under by it.

When you take a trip, you need to know where you are and where you are going.

So… I’m going to share a bit about…

  • where you have been the past two years
  • where you are now
  • where you are going for the rest of 2022

Timeline of Planetary Events And How It Affects Your Life

➡️ 2020 - Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on January 12, 2020.

This potent conjunction created a period of escalated conflict and tension, control by authorities, and divisionism in society.

With Eastern astrology, 2020 was the Year of the Metal Rat which represents health challenges and having more free time to spend at home with family.

➡️ 2021 - Saturn in Aquarius had three exact squares to Uranus in Taurus!

It was a war between traditional and rebellious energy that affected every aspect of our world…

Financial institutions, political entities, and social organizations, causing their dark secrets to be exposed and fall apart.

And in Eastern astrology, 2021 was the Year of the Metal Ox, which made us work harder and have more discipline than normal to accomplish our goals.

➡️ 2022 - This is a year of rebellion, revolution, revelations of hidden secrets, instability, and massive changes.

In Eastern Astrology, we are experiencing a MASSIVE shift from metal to water energy with the Year of the Water-Tiger.

This will allow us all to experience massive transformation in our lives IF we are guided to make the right choices.

This is incredibly beautiful positive energy that can enable us to make our biggest dreams real if we put in the work.

➡️ April 12, 2022 - Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

We can expect to have a quantum leap in our perception during this cosmic event including a shift from 3D to 5D consciousness.

Expect huge shifts in psychic gifts during this beautiful and positive aspect


➡️ Apr 30, 2022 - Solar Eclipse in Taurus

This is a powerful time to reevaluate what is and isn’t working in your life,, especially regarding your finances, your career, and your home.

Make sure you have plenty of guidance at this time so you can make the best choices for your highest good.

➡️ May 16, 2022 - Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Time to get rid of what no longer serves you during this powerful eclipse.

Having guidance during this aspect will allow you to know what to keep in your life and what to let go of.

Expect shocking discoveries and deep transformation leading you to rise like a phoenix from the ashes, no longer caring about what you have left behind in the fire.

➡️ Oct 25, 2022 - Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

If you have guidance during this eclipse, you can become empowered to pursue your goals with unstoppable determination.

But if you just wing it, you could end up feeling incredibly obsessed about something which could create a really bad outcome for you.

➡️ November 8, 2022 - Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Your feelings might be exaggerated during this eclipse, so don’t take drastic action.

Make sure you have guidance to encourage you to move forward in an informed way instead of reacting.

And you have an opportunity to put in the work on yourself in October so you can leverage this massive shift in energy.

I’ll share much more about this with you in a few moments,

But first, let's go deeper and take a closer look at your results ...

Important Information About's Lucky Birth Chart

Based on the birth date you've entered earlier for this mini reading, it shows that you are a Fire Ox.

Below are your lucky numbers, colors, direction, and stone that you can leverage in 2022…

to bring an abundance of wealth, prosperity, and JOY into your life this year…

As long as you use my roadmap to guide you in the right direction. (I'll share how this works in a bit…)

Now let us first get on with your mini-forecast overview for 2022.

Your Mini-Forecast Overview For 2022 For The Fire Ox

Now The Year of the Water-Tiger and your fiery energy may not exactly mix.

There are two potential scenarios that you should be aware of: boiling over and being completely burnt out.

As a fire element, it’s important to tap into your emotional world from an observant point of view this year.

Not every feeling needs to be acted on – sometimes, feelings are presented so that you can notice them and get to the root of why you feel that way.

Get to know yourself on a deeper level in 2022 by honoring “the sacred pause” through meditation and journaling.

As an Fire Ox, you’re much more familiar with what it means to work hard rather than relax.

While this makes you a powerhouse, your biggest challenge this year will be giving yourself a break.

Your overall fortune for the Year of the Water Tiger is a prosperous one where work actually isn’t at the forefront of your mind.

Normally, your career and finances can even replace the urges you have to partner with someone because relationships don’t usually seem like a priority.

However, you’ll have a very magnetic aura about yourself this year that is going to attract many new people into your life.

This is all happening in divine timing as you begin to realize that there’s a purpose for your hard-working spirit.

Family-planning and long-term relationships will become of interest to you as the year invites you to start thinking about who you’re going to share the fruits of your labor with.

Pay attention to the types of people that you come in contact with throughout the year.

These connections will be reflections of internal parts of you that wish to be acknowledged.

While you usually tap into masculine, external energy, you may meet people that push you to explore your emotional world.

Take these experiences in stride as you learn to build deeper connections with yourself and others.

Don’t worry – these people aren’t here to distract you from your big mission in 2022.

They’re actually here to help you balance your masculine and feminine energies!

You will have plenty of great opportunities ahead of you throughout 2022, but you’ll truly be unstoppable when you dig deeper to find your soul-driven purpose behind them.

Let's dive right into your Individual Mini-Forecast Reading for the Year of the Water Tiger and see what the rest of the year has in store for you…

Individual Mini-Forecast Reading for in the Year of Water Tiger 2022


Finances haven’t been the most lucrative as of lately, but that may change for you if you’re open to learning new things and taking a new approach.

This year would be a great time to travel, experience new things, and even begin some type of higher education.

You’re paving a new way to generate more wealth and abundance into your life.

Love and Relationships

In past years, you may not have been the most optimistic when it comes to building genuine connections with those around you.

However, in 2022, all of your pessimism will be erased as you begin to connect with people aligned with your true soul purpose.

Step into this year excited about the new people you may meet as they could potentially be in your life for a long time!


It’s always been important for you to pay attention to your diet and digestive system.

This shows up for you especially strongly this year as you may experience more sensitive stomach issues.

Prepare to change your diet over time – especially if you begin to notice skin irritations. The skin gives a peek as to what’s happening internally.

Pay attention to it!, in October you have a powerful opportunity to leverage the power of the Water-Tiger to uplevel every aspect of your life…

Now is the BEST time to seize your window of opportunity before it's too late!

Without a doubt, you’ll dive deeper into your psyche, discover new creative abilities, and you may even start a spiritual practice that improves your life and others!

No year passes by without challenges, but you’ll be well-equipped to face them head-on as you begin to rely on your grounding exercises.

The Year of the Water-Tiger will ignite a more fierce version of yourself that understands what truly lights you up from the inside out., if you leverage the energy in October, you can expect something extraordinary to happen to bring great prosperity and luck into your life which I’ll be sharing with you in a moment.

When you harness this energy, you may surprise yourself with how much better your life is by the end of this year,

After all, there is much more than meets the eye available to you in The Year of the Water-Tiger.