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Pluto Retrograde: What it Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Pluto the planet of rebirth and transformation has started to go retrograde on April 27 and will last until October 6th, 2021.


All of your decisions and your visions will be focused on your growth. 

However, there might be a small hiccup – you may be thinking of growth but you’ll be stalling the process. You may even procrastinate a little. 


This transit will also enable you to get in touch with your inner self and your subconscious, which means that you will understand your actions and your decisions better, on a deeper spiritual and emotional level. 


Giving you a fresh perspective on self-love and interpersonal relationships.


Nevertheless, every zodiac sign has their own characteristics which means that you will be affected differently by the Pluto retrograde. 


Here’s what awaits your zodiac sign this Pluto Retrograde


There will be opportunities coming your way from every direction and they may not be aligned with your long-term goals. You can take on a new role but don’t forget your big dreams.


You will be given the opportunity to live a childhood dream, something you may have dreamed about since you were little. Having this experience will boost your spiritual well-being. Don’t be afraid to take chances, the universe is giving you exactly what you want.


Take a step back on your social circle and get to know yourself better. This will allow you to evaluate your actions towards others and how you can better express yourself without affecting the feelings of others. 


You will encounter some problems in your relationship and issues will involve you and your partner’s ego. You will be having problems with intimacy. Put your ego aside and try to understand where your partner is coming from so you can compromise with an agreement. 


People in your workplace will get jealous of your impressive ideas and some may even try to take credit. Don’t let your emotions get ahead of you and handle any issues calmly. 


You have been doing projects that do not give you freedom to use your creativity. Remember that you can always find ways to express your creativity, such as taking in projects or jobs that allows you to perform at your best without holding you back. Your schedule will ease up, take it as an opportunity to do what your heart desires.


Your family has been experiencing issues lately and you have now figured out how to solve it. You have found the middle ground between you and your family member’s energies. By having this knowledge you will be able to bring back the harmony in your family.


Dig deep into yourself and find your stillness. So you can understand others without your emotions clouding your judgement. This will help you let go of your negative feelings and prejudice towards others.


These past few months have been challenging for your bank account and you should think of smart ways to save and invest your money. The best news is that your bank account will be filled with a lot of savings soon. Invest and spend wisely.


You’ve been wanting to practice your authority at work or at the household and this has been putting pressure on you. Take the time to relax as not everything is set in stone. Try to be in the moment and connect with your highest self. Be your gentle self.


Let go of this anchor from the past that has been burdening you from the start. Learning to let go is the first step for you to move forward. The good news is that this retrograde will allow you to do that. Open your mind and your heart to gain a sane understanding of these matters. 


You should take a step back in hanging out with people who only give you stress and try to control you. When you withdraw your emotions they will notice it and they will change their attitude towards you, knowing that you are not happy with it. 


This transit will stir your psyche and let you discover your hidden power. 
This will allow you to step back on situations so you can have a better perspective by the process of elimination.
May this Pluto Retrograde help you regenerate and transform. 
Now, I don’t know exactly how this will affect you individually.
But, what I do know is that this retrograde will jumpstart intense energetic and mood shifts…
Now is it a good thing or a bad thing?
It could be both.
That’s why you need something that will provide power and wisdom to navigate the coming months.

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This will impact your day and the weeks to come.



Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez is a Feng Shui advisor and Spiritual blogger. Dedicated to enchant readers and guide them to the path of finding their intrinsic self, getting self-fulfillment and prosperity


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