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Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 3rd – May 9th, 2021

Hey there spiritual seeker, 

Get ready for a soul-filling week wrapped in love, luck, abundance and communication.

The luckiest day of the week is Wednesday! 

Find out your forecast for the rest of the week


May 3rd: Step into a more evolved version of you

On Monday, one of your dreams will be manifested into reality, it’s also a day of clarity on what you want to become in the future.

Astrology Event:
Moon in innovative Aquarius
Harmonious interaction between communication planet Mercury and lucky planet Jupiter

It’s the best time to:
Focus on your life goals and innovation, do anything to achieve them. Success will be yours, know that you are capable.


May 4th: Focus on self-care 

On Tuesday, have the power to rise above a frustrating situation. This day could bring up emotional stress.

This is due to the innovative Aquarius moon in conflict with loving Venus which provides a strain in relationships.

Astrology Event:
That Aquarius Moon is in conflict with Venus

It’s the best time to:

Focus on self-care and try to stay positively motivated. Give yourself time to heal you need extra self-love on this day.


May 5th: Constant flow of positive energy

On Wednesday, you will be able to attract a constant flow of positive energy, giving you a boost in creativity and motivation.

Astrology Event:

Moon is in dreamy Pisces In harmony with ambitious Mars and spontaneous Uranus

It’s the best time to:

Appreciate the path you are in, it is a culmination of your past thought patterns and manifestations. It’s allowing you to flourish and be the amazing person that you are.


May 6th: Open your heart

On Thursday, you are urged to be open about your bottled up emotions towards your loved ones. Time is fleeting and you have to make the most out of it. 

Astrology Event:

Loving Venus is in harmony with transformative Pluto 

It’s the best time to:

Tell your loved ones how much you love them and hug them extra tightly today.


May 7th: Dig deeper

On Friday, you are encouraged to establish a deeper connection with your social circle. Find out if you have common goals and not just be with them for the sake of socialization.

Astrology Event:

Moon is in assertive Aries In harmony with communication planet Mercury

It’s the best time to:

Dig deeper into your friends interests, find out if they share your vision and your dreams and plan on reaching them together.



May 8th: Be watchful on your finances 

On Saturday, you should be watchful on your indulgent habits today as luck may not be on your side.   

Astrology Event:

Loving Venus is in tension with lucky Jupiter

It’s the best time to:

Go shopping on a different day, sit this one out and do something that is priceless yet will stay on your memories forever. Try to avoid gambling, or any sort or form of indulgence.


May 9th: Power struggles

On Sunday, there will be a potential of power struggles and you are in a position to take it whichever way you see fit. 

Let your inner work reflect on your outer environment. 

Astrology Event:

Aries Moon in conflict with Pluto 

It’s the best time to:

Choose your battles as not everything deserves your attention. To prove your worth is just a waste of effort and energy. You know yourself better than anyone else. Practice mindfulness in the morning to achieve stillness. 


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