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The North Corner

When there’s a steady income with improved financial setup, life becomes better. The energy that leads to well-balanced finance and its related activities is lies within the north corner. The Feng Shui marks north corner as the center of career development, endurance, and business chances. This corner also symbolizes the money you have earned, your salary or the income from the business.

Many Feng Shui followers like to make money while focusing on the wealth corner; for them, the southeast wealth corner is the correct option. Specifically, it is for the people who get their income through stock investments. Also, if you like your money or assets to be doubled, then it is the right corner.

However, if your wish is to have a successful career with great many flourishing chances, and the money it holds is what you like, then you need to focus on the north corner. But don’t consider this corner to be restricted to money only. It is more than that, read further to explore new horizons of north corner that you didn’t know previously.


North Animal – A Supporting Tortoise

Tortoise dwells on land, but they know where the water is present. However, the tortoise isn’t just water but more. It symbolizes support and endurance. They are also a sample of a long life. They have lifespan of over 80-100 years. When the situation allows, it can even live for around 200 years. That’s why it is known as the symbol of longevity.

Tortoise as the Supporter of the Life

Symbol of tortoise is the large hill of support in the area. The support is important in getting flourishing life and successful business. Not only for a career, having support is also necessary for the things outside it. Hence, it is the requirement to activate the north’s energy.

One thing you can do to activate the energy is by placing the bed against a wall from where the bedroom door is visible. Also, there should be a solid wall behind your back as well when you work. These walls represent the solid support of tortoise that is essential in achieving life’s goals.

When this support is lacking in your life, you don’t feel great. There’s no ground to stand firm on. In life’s path, many unwanted things appear that you don’t foresee when you don’t have the right support. Tortoise not only gives support but also brings in good luck; it also fights away the bad demons that might harm you.

Tortoise as the Symbol of Longevity:

When present in the north, the tortoise becomes the longevity symbol with its ability to look for water. The picture of tortoise brings good fortune along with good health. It also symbolizes wealth and security. When you feel down and don’t feel fine, adding a tortoise picture at your home will lead towards betterment.

One warning – don’t bring the shells of dead turtles to your home. They are commonly found in many different decoration pieces. Bringing them home leads to bad luck. The empty turtle shells are the symbol of the loss of income or death.

Activation of income and health by taking Water’s help

Water will bring in good fortune. No matter in what form you like it, you can take the benefit. It could be a pond, a fountain, or an aquarium. Water helps you to become reputable at home, increase business activities, and improves your salary. Water images showing turtles, fish, or seashells also bring in good luck and stimulate chi along with activating north energy.

North’s energy of water could also be activated by using metal in the north corner because of the relation of metal and water in 5 Element Theory.

The wave shape symbolizes the north corner. When you use this shape, it also brings in better income and earning chances.

Number 1 is for North Corner

Only one and solely one path will take you to the path that will bring in good fortune and more money. You need to think of only one thing. It could be professional training, or changing the job. The promotion at your new job could also be beneficial. It is up to you to evaluate and analyze the correct thing.

The Symbol of the North is Water

The element of water is the symbol of wealth. It gives the money the chance to flow freely. Water symbolized the financial flow and the capability to get more money with your current job or business. The water image in the north corner of the house and brings in better future when it comes to money. Placing the water images in the bedroom is not recommended at all.

For activating the correct activation energy when it comes to income, don’t place the water image behind your back in your work area – specifically when the image is of the waterfall. Avoid using the images showing greater waterfall power like Niagara Falls. Also don’t use the images in which the water is flowing away from you, as it will take the money’s flow with it.


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