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October 2021 Forecast For Every Zodiac Sign

October brings a spooky and gothic vibe with it since Halloween is coming with Scorpio’s eerie atmosphere wrapping up our senses.

But first, the month begins with the mighty Sun in the harmonic and balanced Libra, offering us an excellent opportunity to take care of our close relationships and social interactions. 

However, this won’t be as easy as we expect because Mercury, the planet that governs our communication skills, mental processes, and social interactions, will retrograde through the sign of Libra, which could bring some drama and social conflicts that will be difficult to avoid.

Libra prefers to pretend that everything is alright instead of addressing the elephant in the room, so this Mercury retrograde will force you to be more direct instead of covering up your feelings.

And if we add to the mix the Full Moon in Aries on October 20, we can expect an intense cocktail of emotions that will prompt you to be honest once and for all.

By the time Scorpio season comes knocking at your door and tapping your psychic senses, you won’t be willing to keep a pleasant facade but rather reveal your passions to the whole world!

This is what October has in store for each zodiac sign in October.



Your relationships will take up most of your attention this month, Aries.  

Conflicting patterns and problematic behaviors will become increasingly evident, forcing you to redefine your boundaries and concept of intimacy.

Be honest with what you want for your emotional life, and the rest will follow.




You are a very sensual zodiac sign Taurus, so listen to what your body is saying. You might need some rest and nourishment, or maybe some physical activity. 

The key lies in finding the right balance, and building a routine might help you with this task. 

Don’t sacrifice your needs for the sake of others, Taurus. You need to feel good about yourself before attempting to help the people around you.




Your artistic talents will take center stage, Gemini! Don’t push yourself to create the best work of art, though. Have fun with the colors, shapes, and symbols around you.  

Find your inner child and let them guide the way! If it feels like a chore, you won’t get a satisfying result.

Strange delays or mechanical failures



You have the chance to connect deeply with your roots this month, Cancer. You might visit a place that feels somewhat familiar and then fin out that one of your ancestors lived there. 

You could have an urge to feel “at home,” which will make you wonder about your inner sense of security. Are you taking unnecessary risks? And I’m not talking about jumping off a cliff, but relating to people that don’t take care of your feelings. 

Stick to those relationships that make you feel “at home” rather than insecure and uncomfortable.




You will be eager to learn new things, try fresh experiences, and meet people you’ve never seen before. 

What ideas and beliefs govern your life right now, Leo? Maybe it’s time to expand your world’s perspective. 

Take a look at your surroundings and notice those details you usually overlook. This will help you find new meaning in your everyday experience. You don’t have to travel far to change your reality.




This month will help you value your life circumstances just the way they are. If you learn to be more rooted in your present instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, you’ll see that there are more opportunities than you think.

Instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, live in the now, Virgo!




You are going to reflect on your identity this month, Libra. Are you the same person from a few weeks, or do you feel like you need an upgrade?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sides of yourself. Try new hobbies, visit new places, talk to friendly strangers. 

You might be surprised to find out that you like some things that you’ve never dare to explore before.




You are already a highly intuitive person, Scorpio, but this month your psychic abilities will go to the next level. 

Your dreams will become very vivid, and you’ll need some time to retreat yourself and do some introspection. 

Don’t be afraid of your feelings and ancient memories. Let them show you the way through their powerful messages. After this month, you’ll learn a lot about yourself that’s been hiding in your unconscious mind.





People look up to you, Sagittarius, and there’s a reason why this happens. Your positive and wide perspective on life greatly impacts the world, which holds a great responsibility. 

This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in your community’s concerns and take an active role in it. You got this, Sagittarius!




You will be highly motivated to put yourself out there and achieve your professional goals. This will increase your popularity, and people will start recognizing you, Capricorn, so make the most of this opportunity! 

Own the situation because there is more where that came from. You are usually modest, and hogging the limelight might not be your strong suit, but take a chance! Let others know what you are capable of.




If you feel that your daily routine is taking over your life, this month will pleasantly surprise you. You’ll be eager to shake things up and take new and sudden opportunities. 

This is your chance to expand your beliefs and, therefore, the way you approach reality. Explore those things you don’t know yet, and you’ll find your true passion in the middle.




If you feel your worst fears surfacing, it’s because it’s time to face them, Pisces. 

As difficult as it may be, sweet, longed-for freedom awaits you on the other side, so don’t be afraid to move forward!  

Getting that weight off your shoulders is less trouble than holding on to it for much longer. 


In Closing:

October offers an opportunity to prepare for the huge shift in energy that will begin on February 1, 2022, 

As we shift from the Year of the Metal-Ox to the Year of the Water-Tiger.

I know February is still a few months away, but you’d be pleased to know that preparing as early as now will secure your 2022 to be your most prosperous year ever!

Here’s a roadmap I created for your journey…

This will guide you in making the most of the remainder of the Metal-Ox Year of 2021/2022 so you can jump right into the new Water-Tiger energy of 2022/2023 without anything holding you back!

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