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Weekly Astrology Forecast: October 11th – October 17th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

Saturn turns direct today which gives us a sign of relief and removes our career and financial blocks letting it flow peacefully. This week is filled with lucky days and some emotionally sensitive days for you, days where you should just take a step back. Read on to find out about your week!


October 11th: Newfound inspiration

On Monday, you will have a brand new determination to turn over a new leaf. This could either be to achieve your career or fitness goals. You’re serious this time and you really want to transform your life one way or the other. 

Heads up to Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius you will have breakthroughs in your house of career and finances! This means growth, opportunities, and new horizons. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in pragmatic Capricorn 

Karmic Saturn turns direct

It’s the best time to: Stick to your goals and enjoy the journey!


October 12th: The gift of intuition

On Tuesday, you will be gifted with intuition and you have to use it wisely. You will also have a laser-sharp focus in persevering your goals. With great creativity this day will be such a breeze, answers will easily come rushing in.

At the end of the day at 7 pm EST you’d feel quite moody and impulsive. 

Astrology Event:

Moon Square communication Mercury 10:52 AM EST

Moon Trines unexpected Uranus 11:38 AM EST

Moon Square assertive Mars 7:25 PM EST

It’s the best time to:

Help yourself grow using the gifts of the universe bestowed upon you today. Because today you are evolving, you are upgrading. The time has come for you to conquer your future.


October 13th: Start your new chapter with ease

On Wednesday, you will have an active imagination and empathy.  However, Violent outbursts of emotion are imminent until 2 pm. 

By that time you will have regained your focus and calm. Trust your unique path, you are close to finding your purpose. 

Astrology Event:

Moon sextiles visionary Neptune 12:09 AM EST

Moon Conjunction dark planet Pluto 5:46 AM EST

Venus sextiles karmic Saturn 2:06 PM EST

Moon in futuristic Aquarius 3:47 PM EST


It’s the best time to:

At the end of the day you will feel passionate about the world’s issues and politics, remember to keep your calm and engage in a healthy argument.


October 14th: Solutions are right in front of you

On Thursday, your day will start with flat melancholic energy, however, your mood will start to change at noontime. You’ll be inspired to spend time with your loved ones and avoid conflicts.

In the afternoon at 3:47 pm est, you will have a great boost in your learning skills, your brain will become a sponge that absorbs easily. 

Astrology Event:

Aquarius Moon sextiles loving Venus 5:05 AM EST

Moon Trines communication Mercury 12:12 PM EST

Moon Square unexpected Uranus 3:57 PM EST

It’s the best time to:

Spend the morning with your loved ones, cooking meals for them, watching movies with them, and just enjoying their company. In the afternoon you can start working on your personal and professional goals. Do you have a project? Start working on it in the afternoon – it will be easier then.


October 15th: Allow miracles to happen

On Friday, it will be an absolutely lucky auspicious day from the morning. You will have openness and willpower, as well as love and harmony with your family and relationships. Nothing can go wrong on this day. 

Late in the afternoon, there might even be good news for you in your finances and it has something to do with your recent social connection.

You are also becoming popular in your circle because of how quick-witted and fun-loving you are.

Astrology Event:

Moon Trine Mars 3:00 AM EST

Sun Trine Moon 7:36 AM EST

Moon Conjunction Jupiter 7:37 AM EST

Sun Trine Jupiter 7:43 AM EST

Moon in gracious and emotional Pisces 9:23 PM EST

It’s the best time to:

The Pisces Moon will make you sensitive and dreamy it’s the best time to meditate before bed and contemplate on how your day has been and reflect on how far you’ve come. Be kind to yourself dear one.


October 16th: Tensions could arise

On Saturday, doubts over your partner could arise. Don’t give in to your emotions and stay objective.
If you don’t pay attention to your negative thoughts your entire day could become a blast, you’ll feel more cheerful, loving, friendly, and adaptable. 

Astrology Event:

Pisces Moon Square love planet Venus 4:01 PM EST

Communication planet Mercury sextile loving Venus 8:37 PM EST

Pisces Moon sextile adventurous Uranus 10:21 PM EST

It’s the best time to:

It’s time to release your fears and anxieties and give way to positive loving emotions. Let it envelop your whole being and feel inner peace.

October 17th: Maintain your high vibration

On Sunday, tension will arise within your household and you might bring this when you go outside to run your errands, try to meditate first thing in the morning. 

Astrology Event:

Sun Square dark and impulsive Pluto 5:10 AM EST

Pisces Moon Conjunction dreamy Neptune 12:01 PM EST 

And it Sextiles dark Pluto 6:16 PM EST

It’s the best time to:

Expect the unexpected and maintain your high vibration so that nothing can ruin your weekend. 

In Closing:

It is a fateful week filled with ups and downs especially with the Mercury retrograde still in our midst.  This week is filled with lucky days and some sensitive days for you.

October has just begun and it has plenty of surprises for you and one of which could happen this coming Friday. These surprises aka miracles hold the key to the coming 2022. What are you waiting for?

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