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Is Shadow Work the Key to Your Inner Peace?

Challenging times are often the ones that bring us together to our spiritual selves. During those daunting phases, we feel discouraged, disconnected from our purpose, and unable to find the light at the end of the tunnel. We have no other solution but to keep digging in the darkness until we reach the root of our discomfort.

If you’ve never heard about shadow work, this is an excellent opportunity to regain inner peace in your life and embrace those aspects of yourself you didn’t know existed. 

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What is the shadow?


The shadow is a concept that comes from Jungian psychology. It refers to those parts of our identity that we attempt to repress because they don’t match our conscious self or because we’ve learned to regard them as “undesirable” or “negative.”


However, our shadow will still manifest through our impulsive behaviors and underlying beliefs, making us say or do things that we are unaware of and then excuse ourselves by saying that we were “out of character.”


Have you ever done something or made strong judgments that later surprised you and made you say, “I don’t know what happened, that’s not me”? Well, that is the manifestation of your shadow.


Why do we have a shadow side?


We live in a superficial society that pressures us to be perfect and display only our nice features, so we learn to hide our anger, passions, and insecurities from a very young age. 


But this doesn’t mean that we stop having them! It just leads us to disassociate into different pieces and prevents us from accepting ourselves for who we are.


Our spirit doesn’t want us to embrace only the nice parts of our personality. It wants us to heal every wound that created our shadow self; those times we didn’t feel good enough, experienced shame or others condemned our emotions.


Shadow work


Shadow work is the name of the process of becoming aware of those repressed aspects of ourselves, exploring them without judgment, forgiving them, and embrace them.


All humans experience jealousy, greed, selfishness, or even violence at some point in their lives. Pretending they are not there will only bring us discomfort when they inevitably appear. 


A healthier path is to face them, learn to manage them, and heal them.

Strange delays or mechanical failures

Benefits of shadow work


Facing those dark aspects of our personality that we tried so hard to hide during our whole lives can be a terrifying process. However, doing so will prove to be an enlightening and relieving experience.


Our spiritual self doesn’t want us to see the tip of the iceberg and will try to get our attention to make us deal with this psychic imbalance. 


The more you repress your shadow, the more you will feel sick, depressed, disconnected from your purpose, and taking it out on your loved ones.


Until you shed light on those unconscious parts, they will control your life while you call it fate.


How to get started with shadow work


Here are a few practices that will get you started with shadow work:


  • Meditate


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to get in touch with your shadow self. During this state, you can tap into your subconscious and ask it questions like “Who are you?” or “What do you need me to see?”


Then, observe what emerges to the surface without judgment. 


You can also ask your subconscious to reveal repressed memories that need to be healed.


This is a great way to see things clearly and realize how much they have been affecting you during your life.


  • Experiment with art


Art is a great channel to explore your shadow self. You can paint, create collages, or write how you think your shadow looks like. 


Don’t think about it too much. Piece together those things that come out of your subconscious and examine the final result. 


  • Observe your thoughts


Become aware of those times were your shadow self comes to the surface without suppressing it or convincing yourself that it wasn’t you. 


Take a look at those strong judgments, projections, dislikes, and limiting beliefs. 


Then ask yourself “why do I feel this way?” This exercise will take the responsibility out of the outside world and place it into yourself. 


Not only will this help you understand yourself and heal, but it will take away that negative energy that you feel towards your surroundings and others, making you feel much lighter and free.




Journaling is an excellent way to become aware of your thought process and explore those ideas you didn’t realize were in your mind.


You can start answering questions like: “What makes me “me”?” “What things I don’t like?” “What situations bring out a strong reaction in me?” “What I don’t want others to think about me?”


While you write those answers, you’ll find all kinds of connections in your behavior that link back to past experiences where you felt judged by your family or society.


This can be a first step to forgive and start to heal this part of yourself.


Break down your ego


Your ego is nothing more than the tale you tell yourself about your personality. 


We struggle to accept that we are more than just one side of our identity, usually the nice and polite one. 


But we are complex and multi-faceted beings. While we strive to build a story that meets an unrealistic ideal, we inevitably end up repressing other parts of ourselves.


So break down your ego and question the story of who you are, and you’ll be able to embrace other parts of your consciousness and accept that you are more than just one version of yourself.



In Closing:

Exploring your shadow self is one way to help you to be in a harmonious flow of energy where nothing can break your momentum. Not even doubts and self limitations.

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