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Weekly Astrology Forecast: December 6th – December 12th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

This week’s theme is perseverance, motivation, creativity, and compassion. Your willingness to transform yourself will be tested.


December 6th: Boost in perseverance

On Monday, you will be greeted with encouraging vibrations that provides a  boost in perseverance and motivation. Transformation is underway, thanks to the planet of rebirth Pluto in harmony with ambitious Mars – this is a perfect constellation for you to be extra productive today.


Astrology Event:

The Moon is in hardworking Capricorn 

Mars in harmony with Pluto


It’s the best time to:

Set your most passionate intention for the week and rest when it is time to.


December 7th: Creative mind

On Tuesday, it will be a challenging day for you to set your mind to do something. Concentrating would be quite difficult as communication planet Mercury is on a tense angle with dreamy Neptune.


Astrology Event:

Informational Mercury is in tension with imaginative Neptune


It’s the best time to:

This would be a great day to create your vision for the coming months – idealistic projects and ideas that may sound impossible but could actually work. There are no limitations to your creativity today.


December 8th: Have faith

On Wednesday, find your inner balance and set small goals for the day. You are passionate and idealistic about your ambitions but today you will be facing some restrictions on how you can get there. This is only temporary, don’t lose hope.

Astrology Event:

Passionate Mars is in a difficult angle with expansive Jupiter

It’s the best time to:

Have faith and trust the divine plan, welcome the hurdles in your journey.


December 9th: Listen to your inner compass

On Thursday, your day will be filled with compassion and kindness. You will also be highly intuitive, listen to your inner compass, and be gentle with yourself today.


Astrology Event:

The Moon is in kind and sensitive Pisces 


It’s the best time to:

Today is a good day to lend a helping hand, support a friend’s business, listen to someone’s frustration and offer a piece of advice. Donate to an animal shelter. Listen to your intuition on where it will take you.



December 10th: Choose peace

On Friday, you will encounter issues with freedom and acceptance. 

A misunderstanding among families or friends could arise.

Choose love, peace, and compassion, and be more open to understanding. Holding a grudge will hinder your freedom. The freedom to be at peace.


Astrology Event:

Compassionate Pisces Moon is in tension with the adventurous Sagittarius Sun 


It’s the best time to:

Call a friend or a family member today, it’s a challenging season and your voice would mean a lot to some.



December 11th: Be free

On Saturday, you will crave meaningful human connections. You cannot find them when you are not being open to trusting others as you are closing your doors to people that wants to connect with you. Try to going out today, saying yes to invitations and you will find what you are looking for.

Astrology Event:

The Moon is in fiery Aries 

Loving Venus crossing over transformative Pluto 

It’s the best time to:

Reignite the fire in you, the vibrant person hiding within you. Let him/her go free today.



December 12th: Self love is not selfish

On Sunday, you will find it hard to empathize with others as you just want the day to yourself, to fulfill your own wants and needs and that may even include resting and recuperating from the past week. 

Astrology Event:

Optimistic Sagittarius Sun is in tension with idealistic Neptune 

It’s the best time to:

It’s okay to take care of yourself, it’s okay to cater to you. 





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