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Bad Feng Shui Signs and Cures 2022

Feng Shui classifies Qi or energy as positive or negative. In your surroundings, positive energy is the one that stimulates your mind and benefits your body, while negative energy takes a toll on your overall wellbeing.

Negative energy can be caused by smells, sounds, light, water, and form. 

When the energy field of your surroundings is in balance, these energies won’t block your path to prosperity and abundance, but once it changes, your luck will be subject to certain influences.

Bad Feng Shui forms refer to the negative Feng Shui patterns caused by your house’s environment, surroundings, structure, and other elements.

But don’t worry. They can all be solved in the following ways

Solutions for Bad Feng Shui caused by structure problems:

Downward Stairs in your Front Door: You can experience some energy losses and money fluctuations if you have downward stairs outside your door.

  • Cures and remedies: 

Put a string of ten-emperor coins under your doormat.

Put a soil-cultivated plant at your entrance to prevent finical losses. 

Hang a Bagua mirror behind the door to recover from all your energy losses.

Upward Stairs outside your Front Door: The door is considered the mouth of your house and the stairs the tongue. 

Therefore, if you have upward stairs outside your front door, the downward energy will go directly into your door and break the stable Qi field, causing accidents and other misfortunes.

  • Cures and remedies:

Build a porch to reduce the downward energy.

Hang a piece of string of five-emperor coins at the peephole or behind the door.

Hanf a Bagua mirror on the wall opposite the front door.


Door Facing Another Door: Modern buildings usually make your front door face that of your neighbor’s. According to Feng Shui, this pattern is not promising for either of you.

  • Cures and remedies:

Place a string of five-emperor coins on the threshold of your door.

Hang curtains to mitigate the flow of air and make it stable.

Elevator facing Front Door: If the elevator of your building is right outside your front door, Feng Shui considers this a threatening pattern, like a tiger eager to eat the people coming out of your house. 

The opening and closing of the elevator can break the balance of the Qi field, causing money losses or accidents.

  • Cures and remedies:

Put Feng Shui items in the entrance of your house, which can ward off evil spirits, such as Pi Xiu.

Place a string of five emperor coins in your doormat.

Front Door Facing the Corner of Another House:  This pattern can harm your health and that of your family. 

  • Cures and remedies:

Place a stone lion on your gate to scare evil spirits.

Place a Kylin or Dragon Turtle in your front door and make sure it faces the corner.

High-rise Outside your Front Door: This structure pattern can harm your emotional state and make you feel depressed, influencing your family fortune.


  • Cures and remedies:

Place a Bagua mirror in the high-rise. 


Unfilled Corner of your House: If one of the corners of your house is unfilled, it can badly influence your family’s health or career. 


  • Cures and remedies:

Put items of zodiac signs or plants facing the direction of the unfilled corner.

Harmful Lights and Solutions: If your house has bad lightning, you could experience accidents, blood, bruises, or slow wit.

  • Cures and remedies:

Apply shading measures such as adding translucent frosted film to your windows.

Place a copper on either side of your windows.

Solutions For Bad Feng Shui Caused By Surroundings

Gate Facing an Upward Slope: Feng Shui considers slopes to symbolize wealth. If your house is at the end of one and your gate is facing it, your might experience a block in your financial opportunities.

  • Cures and remedies:

Build three or five steps at your gate to reduce the negative energy flow.


Gate Facing a Downward Slope: This pattern can cause money loss and misfortunes in your life.

  • Cures and remedies:

Form a piece of level in front of your doorway.

Put a string of ten-emperor coins under your doormat.

Front Door Facing a Utility Pole, Lamp, or Tall Tree: If your door faces a utility pole, lamp, traffic sign, or tall tree, you might struggle with unstable financial gains, rebellious children, or shady character.

As nowadays buildings are high-rise, people living on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th floor might suffer from this.

  • Cures and remedies:

If you can’t move the utility pole, tall tree, or lamp, hand a bead curtain or screen to solve the issue.

Put a copper Pi Xiu on your window or door and jeep their heads facing the utility pole or lamp.

Door or Window Facing the Narrow Interspace Between Two Buildings: If your balcony, window, or door faces the interspace between two buildings, you might suffer from an illness or poor health.

  • Cures and remedies:

If the problem is the front door, put a screen or plant a row of trees in front of your house.

If the problem is your balcony, put a cactus or another narrow-leaf plant to ward off negative energies or evil spirits.


Water Flowing Behind House: This could lead to unstable fortune or money losses.

  • Cures and remedies:

If there is a window or door at the waterfront, place a Bagua mirror to attract wealth.

Bad Sound and Solutions

According to Feng Shui, too much noise or loud sounds can attract negative energies. 

For example, if you live near a construction site, you might suffer from mental distress, especially facing the southwest.

  • Cures and remedies:

Keep your windows closed or place thick glasses with proper acoustic insulation.

Hang two Kylin chimes or a blessed copper gourd at your windows to ward off evil spirits.


Bad Odor and Solutions

If you live next to a rubbish station, a factory discharging polluted air, a drainage ditch, or a severe toilet stink lampblack, you and your family might suffer from health and work problems.

  • Cures and remedies:

Use essential oils in your environments to improve your wealth.

Clean the stink or put air purifying plants.

Solutions For Bad Feng Shui Caused By Roads/Highways

Front Door Facing a Vertical Road: This might lead your family to suffer from health issues. 

  • Cures and remedies:

Block with a bead curtain or screen.

Place a couple of Kylin or gold nuggets at the window to help your career path and take in good luck.

Back Door Facing a Vertical Road: This placement could harm your career, as you might struggle to be recognized no matter how much you try.

  • Cures and remedies:

Seal the food or build a wall to block it from the steep road.

Place a blessed Kylin or copper convex mirror, but make sure it is not facing the door of your neighbor, or you might start fighting over trivial things.


House Facing a Tilted Road: This might lead you to financial losses and accidents. 

  • Cures and remedies:

Arrange a bead curtain or screen to block it.

Place a blessed Dragun Turtle, Bagua mirror, and Kylin facing the place affected.


House Facing Multiple Crossing Roads: You might suffer from financial losses or accidents if your house is located at a multi-way intersection.

  • Cures and remedies:

Arrange a bead curtain or screen to block its negative energy.

Plae a blessed Dragon Turtle, Bagua mirror, and a Kylin facing the place affected.


House Located Next to Freeway or Overpass: If you live in a place close to a freeway or overpass, you might struggle to save money and have unstable financial gains. 

If the overpass is right in front of your house like a knife cutting through, it could lead to frustrated career opportunities, declined family fortune, and impatience. 

  • Cures and remedies:

You could place a string of five-emperor coins or white jade facing the affected direction.


Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy that should be practiced in a respectful way. Don’t take it lightly and honor its principles whenever you decide to rearrange your space.

Start simple if you want to make Feng Shui part of your daily practice, start by adding small, inexpensive yet powerful Feng Shui cures that you can get online

As a result, your energy will be elevated, and your 2022 will be packed with prosperous opportunities for you and your family.

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