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Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 13 -19, 2020

Monday, January 13 A pleasant week is ahead of you! Today, the Sun conjuncts with Pluto and this inspires us

The North Corner

When there’s a steady income with improved financial setup, life becomes better. The energy that leads to well-balanced finance and

Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 20 -26, 2020

We are in the 3rd week of January! And on the 25th we will be celebrating the Chinese New year.

The West Corner

The west corner, in the Feng Shui, is associated with children mainly. But, it is not restricted to them only.

Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 27 – Feb 2, 2020

How’s the 1st month of 2020 treating you so far? We are in the last week of January! Whew, that

Weekly Astrology Forecast: February 3 – 9, 2020

This week will be smooth sailing with just a few bumps compared to the emotional roller coaster we had last