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Covid-19 Feng Shui Practices for Protection

Covid-19 started on December 2019 an epidemic broke out in Wuhan on the Hubei province of China. What started out as flu claimed countless lives and quickly spread all over the world.

Now, cities are on lockdown in several parts of the world, with fresh new cases daily. The turn of events prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare it as an epidemic. 

But did you know that Feng Shui experts saw this coming?

Here’s why:

2020 is the year of the Metal Rat, in Feng Shui, Metal is the symbol of breathing organs a.k.a. The lung.

In Feng Shui, the elements move every year and the Metal element this 2020 is on top of Water. Which is quite inauspicious when it comes to health.

Furthermore, Metal underneath the water is draining the metal’s strengths. Basically, draining your lungs. Also, there’s the absence of earth and fire element. 

Earth won’t be there to support metal and no fire to keep the metal warm. Nothing protects your lungs

Metal without fire is cold, weak and unhealthy metal.   

Think about it, Metal + Water – Earth – Fire

It gives a strong message that Metal is unhealthy in 2020 – in terms of Chinese medicine, it specifically means sickness of the breathing organ, the lung. 

Here are some Feng Shui practices you can apply to strengthen health and counter the harsh effects of Covid-19

However, please note that these are just Feng Shui practices, and you should still follow the guidelines. As any Feng Shui remedy won’t be effective if you don’t wash your hands regularly and avoid crowded areas.

Keep your loved ones and yourself safe during this critical period through these Feng Shui practices.

#1: Locate the Southern Sector of Your Home

In the flying stars this year, the Two Black Illness Star moves into the Southern sector.

Make it your top priority locating this ominous star.

#2:Once you’ve located the Southen Sector of your home 

You should do the following: 

  • Maintaining the Cleanliness of this area
  • Keep it clutter-free!
  • You may consider placing Charcoal or Charcoal Crystals 
  • Place metallic objects 

Metallic ornaments or fixtures with metallic frames can be used. Metal will dissipate the negative energy in the area, so place as many as you can!

#3: Practice a healthy lifestyle if you belong to the zodiac of the Monkey, Dog, or Pig

Eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and sleep early. These 3 zodiacs are more at risk to getting sick this 2020.

#4: Have good lighting at home

This lifts up your home’s vibration. Natural lighting is the best to allow good Chi to enter your home. 

#5: Fix leaks in your home immediately

To prevent an outpour of your resources you should fix all leaks in your home. Call a plumber right away. Check your sinks, faucets, flushes.

#6: Close the doors of the restrooms/bathrooms when not in use

This is similar to number 5. 

#7: Locate the East Sector of your home or the Misfortune Star

You need to activate your east sector to help alleviate misfortunes from happening. Contracting Covid-19 would be a misfortune.

  • For healthy energy, add 3 lucky bamboo stalks in a glass vase with water with white pebbles. 

#8: Locate the center sector of your home

Activate the center sector of your home by placing images with water, and adding blue colors. This can lessen the bad effects on your health.


For best results, we highly recommend the usage of Talismans that can boost your immune system and provide vitality and strength.

Such as this SENSUAL FIERY RED PROTECTION BRACELET, which you can get for FREE today. Just pay for a minimal shipping fee.

It is a powerful talisman of protection and unyielding strength, for the physical and spiritual well being. Red is a lucky color this 2020, it implies prosperity and it counteracts the negative energy in Ben Ming Nian.

We at Your Astrology Language are wishing you to be safe from the Covid-19.

Take care and we’re all rooting for you! 

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