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Mercury Retrograde: 8 Things to Watch Out For

It’s the time of the year again, spiritual seeker:  it’s Mercury Retrograde!

Yesterday, June 18 at 12:59 am EDT Mercury in Cancer started to retrograde.

Does it make you nervous? Well, fret not! 

Despite the negative connotation, Mercury Retrograde is not such a bad thing after all.

You just have to prepare yourself and set your expectations right.

In fact, this retrograde is a momentous time for you to heal.

What should you expect during Mercury retrograde in Cancer?

Mercury Retrograde may stir up a huge part in your awareness, communication, and interaction with other people as well as the world around you.

Mercury rules communicative Gemini and Virgo. 

It expresses how to reach out to people, and how you would differentiate and classify.

Gemini’s shadow is the adventurous Sagittarius.

However, when Mercury is in retrograde, it often reveals the negative nature of Sagittarius. This is why you may have the tendency to be close-minded and doubtful. 

Assuming, without reality-checking and jumping into conclusions.

Being a shadow of Virgo, Mercury reveals the way you make sense of your experiences, the lessons you’ve learned, and the world around you through your mind. It’s because the shadow of Virgo is spiritual and intuitive.

However, during the retrograde, the negative nature of Pisces is the one expressed. Such as being mindless, daydreaming, and living in fantasy.

There will be a tendency where you might imagine things turning out for ‘the best’ without looking at the facts, or you may even occupy your mind with wishful thinking instead of doing something to achieve your desired outcome. 

Don’t become delusional.

The good news is, Virgo and Gemini are mutable signs, and this means they are adaptable.

There’s a high chance you will be great at multitasking and at the same time be detail-oriented.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to learn new things, to heal, and to enrich your mind, body and spirit.

What you should do during this retrograde?

1. Look at the bigger picture of any situation before jumping into conclusions

It would be quite difficult to focus during this transit and trying to make sense of everything will be quite hard.

Let go of what you can’t control and accept that you are not always in control. 

2. Be gentle with your words especially towards your family

As I’ve mentioned above, Mercury has Gemini traits and it affects how you communicate with the world the Virgo side shows how you talk to yourself through critical thinking.

Tensions and miscommunication may arise, so remember to find out the truth before concluding anything. Assess yourself and validate your feelings. Are you just overreacting? Is it valid? Try to avoid drama as much as possible.

Instead, use the power of communication by having meaningful conversations.

3. Mercury also represents how we absorb knowledge

Try to learn new things over the course of the next few weeks as it will be an exciting time to upgrade your skills, write or learn something new.

4. With Mercury being in Cancer, the focus will be emphasized on the family

Cancer is nurturing, caring, and gentle. You will be inspired to practice loving-kindness when it comes to communicating with your family.

You will be able to let go of your judgment and overthinking at one point during the transit. It’s like a slippery slope, so you will either create more tension or deepen your relationship. 

Remember to empathize, and put yourself in the shoes of others before you utter a word.

5. Triple check all communication (texts, emails, snail mails, legal documents) before signing or sending them

6. Revisit your old projects

This is not just a time for new discoveries but also revisiting old ones. Maybe you’ve put a project on the back burner before you got married and had kids. Reach out to old contacts or projects as it is a great time to revive something you’ve started before but was never completed.

Note that it is not a good time to launch new projects during this period.

7. Planning to upgrade your devices? Hold that thought! That is a no-no during Mercury Retrograde

Hold off on buying anything that has something to do with communication especially expensive ones as Mercury Retrograde can cause minor problems. 

If you’re planning to travel within the next three weeks, triple check your car, your things, and leave no stone unturned. Plan, prepare, and organize. 

8. Lastly, allow yourself to heal from your past wounds. You may reflect on your old mistakes, and your past relationships

Remember how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown into an awesome being of light. You are not who you were before – celebrate your growth as you look back into the past. You’ve grown so much!

It’s important to create a safe healing space during this critical period. Connect with your present relationships as deeply and intimately as you can. Help yourself to heal and free yourself from your burdens.


Healing starts from the inside – from your very core. Specifically your energy centers, or what is known as your Chakras. 

If they are not working the way they should be, healing will be twice as difficult to achieve. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

Here’s a “quick energy diagnosis” on the health of your Chakras via this simple 30 second test

Having balanced Chakras will keep you in touch with your highest self and the Universe! Peace, love and abundance will be highly attainable no matter what the circumstances may be.

I’m so excited for your journey ahead and the changes you’re about to experience once you clear your chakra blockages!

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