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6 Things To Prepare Your Home for The Hungry Ghost Month

Every year during the month of August, the Chinese community commemorates the Chinese Ghost Festival. 

Also, according to Feng Shui belief, the gates of hell are open and hungry ghosts roam freely upon the earth.

They will wreak havoc, create mischief, cause despair, or worst siphon the positive Qi of unsuspecting people. Especially those who do not practice the important rituals to appease their hunger.

What does this mean for you? It means that you will be unlucky if you don’t follow rituals and cures! But don’t worry because we will get to the remedies later.

In the Chinese community, there are a lot of restrictions to avoid bad luck. One of which is, they don’t pay or release funds at this time, well not all, but some.  And they can be really serious about it, however, we’re not going to dive into that.

What you’re going to find out in this article is how you can strengthen your Qi during ghost month and still stay lucky and abundant with blessings the whole month of August and beyond.

1. Allow natural light to flow in your home

Hungry ghosts dwell in yin areas of your home – these are the dark corners, the quiet and unused spots of your home. 

Open your curtains and let the natural light of the Sun enter your home, to bring about positive Qi. Leave a lamp open in spaces that cannot be reached by natural light. Replace any broken bulbs.

2. Don’t jump into the “mirror craze”

If you live in a tight space, mirrors can expand the appearance of the area.

However, placing mirrors in your house can make or break your peace and prosperity. There are auspicious areas where you can only put them.

Don’t place one in your bedroom as it disrupts sleep. 

Place them: 

In corners but don’t let it reflect (1) Clutter (2) Mirror (3) Main door 

At your dining table – reflecting food (don’t place it in a position that “cuts” the head or feet of people)

Where it reflects auspicious objects or lucky charms 

3. Clean your garden

These hungry ghosts dig the forest vibes so make sure that your grasses are trimmed, manicured, mowed. 

Rid your bushes of weeds and sweep away fallen stalks and leaves.

4. Resist the temptation of moving stuff around

If you’re planning to redecorate your house or move your bed. Nope, this is not the time to do that! I repeat, abort mission!

It is an absolute no-no! Even if it doesn’t look okay to you, it is best to leave it for now.

5. Offer soul food and light incense

Put a small table filled with food (white rice (uncooked) chocolate, fruits, candies) and light a candle. 

Light nine sticks of incense or sage and go around the house, smudging every room and corner of the house. Start from outside, moving clockwise.

Make sure you fill up every room with the smoke of incense or if you don’t have to, sage will do. Do this every week, to cleanse and keep away hungry ghosts.

6. Put Rock Salt

Place cups or jars filled to the brim with rock salt.

Place it by the main door, the windows, all corners and nooks of your house. These will dissipate the negative energy and keep the hungry spirits away.

These proven tips are used by Feng Shui practitioners since ancient times, doing so will feel as if the ghost month never happened. 

You not only avoid bad luck but you will also attract good fortune and prosperity with these basic Feng Shui ghost month rituals and only attract positive energies this 2020.


Speaking of 2020 there are only 5 months left this year – most say it’s a bad year but for some people, it’s a lucky year despite the odds. 

And it’s not just because they are optimistic but because they are guided in the right direction for wealth, prosperity and success.

You can still turn your life around because 2020 is not over yet.

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