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Weekly Astrology Forecast: August 3rd – August 9th, 2020

We are off to a great start of the week!

We have the Full Moon in Aquarius which will have you looking into your future plans.

There will also be some unexpected news awaiting you this week!

Remember what has been hidden – the full moon will bring to light!

Monday, August 3rd: Full Moon in Aquarius

On Monday, you will be filled with a surge of energy, becoming open-minded and sociable. You will also have a thirst for new knowledge on this day.

The Moon will force you to look into yourself and face issues and questions you’ve been avoiding. 

Astrology Event:

Full Moon in Aquarius (organization and future)

Mercury in Cancer (communication and taking charge of emotions)

Mercury Opposing Saturn (face the truths about yourself)

It’s the best time to: Look at your situation without judgment, accept your truths, and reinvent your personality. The full moon will highlight your relationship with yourself. Practice self-love on this day!

Tuesday, August 4th: Be Patient

On Tuesday, the masculine planet Mars forces you to become demanding in getting what you want, such as your pursuing your hopes and dreams. You may also have the tendency to become impatient. 

Astrology Event:

Mars in Aries (masculine planet, the soldier)

Squares Jupiter in Capricorn (lucky planet, work for a positive outcome)

Venus in Gemini (love and communication)

Mercury enters Leo (confidence)

It’s the best time to: 

Pick your battles and know when to take a backseat.

Focus on your own desires and don’t dwell on disappointments. Just keep focusing on what works for you and maintain your safe path for now.

Wednesday, August 5th: A Day of Healing

On Wednesday, follow your own desires more than anyone else but don’t be tempted to keep secrets just to get to where you want to go. Things you do in secret will come into light.

It’s a great day to manifest and do “I am” affirmations because you are in touch with the divine and your spirituality. 

It’s the best time to: 

Compromise with people you had a conflict with – a perfect time to heal.

It’s also a day where you get to step out of your own faulty thinking without a nasty habit or addiction controlling you. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Pisces (great sensitivity, spiritual)

Sextiles Uranus in Taurus (chaos planet and money)

Quincunx Sun in Leo (fire sign)

Thursday, August 6th: Connect With Your Deep Feelings

On Thursday, you will connect deeply with your feelings. Your senses will be heightened and you will appreciate everyone around you. Your psychic abilities will also be at an all-time high.

Astrology Event:

Pisces Moon conjunction Pisces (deeply in your feelings)

Sextiles Jupiter and Pluto (lucky and rebirth)

Quincunx the Sun in Leo (confidence)

It’s the best time to: 

Resolve your negative feelings by liberating yourself. Pay attention to your reaction to unexpected news on this day and rise above it.  

Friday, August 7th: A Big Shift

On Friday, trust your inner wisdom and stop second-guessing yourself. On this day you will have an extra boost and miraculous energy to see things through. You can win over anxiety and procrastination through self-love.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Aries (independence, renewed)

Trines Mercury in Leo (communication and confidence)

Venus in Cancer (love planet in domestic)

It’s the best time to: 

Heal and move forward, as you will see the pain and disappointments of the past months as something “from the past” that has no power over you.

Today is a great day to heal infinitely!

Saturday, August 8th: Fun and Adventure

On Saturday, it will be the perfect day for adventure and socializing. Be with people who are close to you. You will have confidence in your actions by following your heart. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Aries  (independence, renewed)

Conjugating Chiron in Aries (wounded healer)

Triens Sun in Leo (fiery)

Squares Jupiter in Capricorn (hard work and good luck.

It’s the best time to: 

Have fun and keep your balance. Make this day a happy one, because you are perfect just the way you are and you don’t need to do anything on this day. (If you do, you will have the energy to finish it right away)

Sunday, August 9th: Mixed Energies

On Sunday, there will be a mix-up in energies. If you’re planning to take a big leap or make an important life-changing decision, this is not the day for that. 

It’s a day for you to stay on the sidelines and be passive – as it will be too risky. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Aries  (independence, renewed)

Mercury in Leo (fun and fire)

Trines Chiron in Aries (wounded healer)

Squares Pluto in Saturn in  Capricorn (structure)

It’s the best time to: 

Meditate and exercise to get rid of the anxiety and negative energies that may be caused by the planetary alignments.


We have just entered the month of August, and this brings both great and worrying news.

The big events this month are the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 and the New Moon in Leo on August 18. Use these lunations to reflect on your goals and set new intentions and manifestations.

However, be prepared for August 19th as hungry ghosts will be let loose from hell that can potentially wreak havoc, cause a major disruption in your plans or worst of all, siphon the positive Qi energy in your life.

But the good news is, you can wear this Pixiu Protection Bracelet to emit strong powers of protection which will ward off misfortunes and attract tremendous amounts of good luck for you!

You’ll be feeling the magic of rebirth all through this month so it’s time to come out of the cave you’ve been. 

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