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Your August 2020 Forecast for Success, Love, and Health

August is here and right now Venus is in Cancer.

Believe it or not, it is one of the most spectacular placements for love and relationships.

Not only does it focus on relationships, but also for self-love and healing.

Venus with Cancer dives deep into the very core of your emotions, and it will encourage you to reflect on your relationships with others and yourself.

Venus is the planet of love that governs all everything in the name of love. It is sensual and attractive.

For the past couple of months, Venus was in Gemini. 

Gemini as an air sign which rules the mind.

Right now Venus is in Cancer, a Water sign ruling emotion. So get this, when the love planet Venus is with the emotional sign Cancer what do you get? A deep, emotional, nerve-shattering experience. (in a positive way)

Your overthinking, and doubtful mind will eventually go into a state of emotional, sensual, and loving emotions.

Now is the perfect time to focus on healing, loving yourself, nurturing your relationships, and channeling your energy on things that vibrate for your highest good.

With Cancer, you will be encouraged to look within and get to the core of your personal issues. 

What’s been stopping you from manifesting? Or pursuing your goals? Do you have trouble keeping up and following through?

This will come up to the surface, in a good way, without judgment from your overthinking mind. You will be able to reflect and self-actualize without prejudice.

Here are 5 tips to maximize Venus in Cancer’s powerful loving energy:

1. Spend time with your Loved Ones

This transit will make you want to spoil and pamper your loved ones. Take them out on a date or make them a sumptuous meal over a candlelight dinner under the stars.

If you want to cuddle all day in bed watching your favorite show, it is also the best time to do that.

A word of caution: Cancer has the tendency to smother without you knowing. Make sure you still respect your partners’ boundaries and ask what he or she wants.

2. Manifest Wealth and Abundance in Love

Venus also governs luxury, beauty and luxury’s other form is wealth. So if you’ve been wanting to change the course of your life in terms of money. It’s time to reassess everything you’ve done so far.

You’ll most likely yield a positive return for anything you’ve invested financially.

When it comes to abundance in love, you will gain courage and your emotions will lead you to make the first move in a relationship.

Be bold, show people how you feel and the Universe will reward you.

3. Practice Self-love

Take yourself to a relaxing and soothing place to ease your mind. Cancer, being a crab is protective of its own energy. Expect that you will be too. You will find yourself seeking solitude to enjoy your own company and may want to avoid people that drain you.

Go for a solo drive. Sit in a cozy corner for a quiet time to read. Meditate by the beach or in your garden and just drift away. Let your thoughts take you to different places.

Listen to your heart and it will direct you to what is right for your soul.

Channel your nurturing energy towards yourself. Besides, you deserve it!

4. Bask in the present soothing energy

You will feel a deep soothing energy starting today. 

Like when you wake up on a rainy day and there’s no sun outside. You don’t even want to take off your socks and your pajamas because you just want to lay in bed. 

You’re so relaxed you can’t think of anything. 

Bask in this energy by practicing more self-love! Follow your heart as I’ve mentioned above. 

Curl up in bed, watch your favorite dramas and fix yourself some hot cocoa.

Think of this transit as a big break from all the stress you’ve accumulated the past few months. 

This transit will also let you look at your past painful experiences as something that has already happened. You will come to a point of absolute peace and healing.

5. Protect your energy at all cost

As mentioned above, the crab has a tendency to smother, and if it reaches that point your energy will be affected. 

The possibility for you to attract wealth and abundance in love, including all the good things this transit brings will be pulled down with negativity. So it’s up to you to protect your energy and be grounded.


Being in the month of August (Hungry ghost month), negative events will be doubled if you are not shielding your energies.

You will be robbed of opportunities, you will lose money, and your body will be weak susceptible to illness. 

That’s why wearing a Red Pixiu Bracelet is a must during the hungry ghost month.

The good news is, I have specially brought in a very powerful Pixiu Protection Bracelet to shield you from any misfortunes and bad energies. 

Instead, it will attract tremendous amounts of good luck for you! In terms of money, love, and health!

As a valued reader, you can get yours free here.(It’s my special gift to you and you can thank me later :-))

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