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Weekly Astrology Forecast: November 2nd-8th, 2020

November brings you your long-awaited transformation, Spiritual Seeker!

It is, after all, a month where shifts, breakthroughs, and rebirth are possible.

And this week will be absolutely amazing as Mercury goes direct!

Bringing ease and clarity on communication and flow of information.

Monday, November 2nd: Focus on your thoughts

On Monday, all your energies will be focused on your own thoughts. Make this day productive by revisiting unfinished tasks and projects that have been uninteresting to you. 

You might like them now and you may finally see its real potential. 

Astrology Event:

Mercury, in retrograde with Libra is stationary. (communication and balance)

It’s the best time to: 

Work on some healthy activities that would enrich your mind and your crown chakra. Veer away from past failures as obsessions and regret are very likely to happen. 

Tuesday, November 3rd: Mercury goes direct

On Tuesday, the most dreadful retrograde of the year, Mercury will go direct. 

This means a serious weight will be lifted off your shoulders. 

There will be no room for miscommunication and you can definitely go out on a date as things will go back to normal as our energies neutralizes (when it comes to communication)

Astrology Event:

Mercury goes direct (easing off communication issues)

It’s the best time to: 

On this day you may experience fresh clarity about any issues you’ve been wrestling with during Mercury Retrograde. It’s time to move forward. 

Take that new job, sign that new contract, say yes to that date!

Wednesday, November 4th: the Moon is Void-of-Course

On Wednesday, the Moon is Void of Course and you know what this means – the Moon is taking a break, and it will cause dull and stagnant energy. 

It’s the best time to: 

Finish what you can early and stick to your routine. Enjoy where you are now and count your blessings. 

When you feel unmotivated, remember that where you are right now is what you prayed for years ago. You are indeed blessed.

Thursday, November 5th: Stress-free day

On Thursday, you can finally put your feet up because things will fall right into their respective place from your hard work.

The Cancer moon will usher feelings of peace and relaxation giving you a stress-free day! 

Astrology Event:

Moon is in Cancer and in harmony with the Scorpio Sun (dreamy and reflective) 

It’s the best time to: 

Practice self-love and take a salt bath. Wash away the energies from the day before, and clear your mind of toxic debris. Breathe in breathe out. 

Friday, November 6th: Choose your battles

On Friday, when the caring and sensitive Cancer Moon opposes three male planets, this can cause mood swings and irritability.

Astrology Event:

Cancer Moon is in opposition to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn (the moon opposing the planet of prosperity, rebirth, and order)

It’s the best time to: 

You are your own sacred space, flow with grace and ease. Not all issues deserve your energy, so be sure to choose your battles wisely.

Saturday, November 7th: Your most-awaited transformation

On Saturday, you will be in an exciting and positive mood. With a can-do attitude, you would want to do things that are fun and are way out of your comfort zone. 

Astrology Event:

Moon moves into fun and jovial Leo

It’s the best time to: 

This could be the day you come out of your shell, embrace who you are and that part of you you haven’t discovered yet. Be open! This could also be your most-awaited transformation.

Sunday, November 8th: A joyous day

On Sunday, a sextile between the fun Leo and loving Venus occurs and you will hear the birds chirping, the sun will shine brighter and food will taste so much better. 

The colors of the sky will be more vibrant than ever before. This day will be nothing but comforting and joyous. Watch out for repeating patterns, your spirit guides might leave you some clues!

Astrology Event:

Leo Moon Sextile Venus (fun confident and loving)

It will be a fun-filled day full of positivity. Your thoughts will be clear of stress


Pay attention to the signs around you, and be receptive. 

You are being prepared for the “BIG DAY” – when you will be on the receiving end of things 

Some people notice the signs from the Universe right away, while some struggle to see it. 

Which one are you?

You can find out by taking this 30-second Magickability quiz  

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