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Mercury Goes Direct Providing Us Clarity and Balance

Last November 3rd, Mercury went direct. Which means it stopped retrograde and went back to its normal routine. 


Let’s have some background about Mercury. 


Mercury is the messenger of the Gods in Greek mythology. Governing day-to-day expression, communication, and relationships. 


Mercury’s responsibility is to take everything apart and put them back together again. Just like being in retrograde and being direct again. 


Let me explain…


Every time Mercury goes direct you will have this astonishing drive to look back on what happened while mercury was in retrograde in this case it was from the 13th of October last month.


You will also be encouraged to implement any changes you think will help you gain a clearer understanding of what really happened, just to get to the bottom of it.


It could be as small as a slight miscommunication or as huge as a breakup.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury is conveniently stationed in “balanced and diplomatic” Libra from October 27 until November 10. 


You might have noticed that you loved nourishing yourself in and out since the retrograde. 


You may have let out secrets or hidden emotions that have been hidden for so long.


This is your way of spiritual detox and releasing bottled up stagnant energies.


Now that Mercury stations direct, you will gain clarity and focus, as well as the courage to apply the changes you’ve been planning the previous week.


In my case, I’ve started working out and doing my daily affirmations again and I plan to keep doing it as a habit. During the retrograde, I kept thinking about it and now I am totally prepared to dive in!


It could be as small as a daily habit or as big as a career change. 


No matter what it is, you are now ready to implement that change. It’s a marvelous time for transformation!

Also, since Libra the sign of stability - you will attain amazing balance with your mind. Including your work-life balance.

Mercury retrograde was also about inner work, it’s about diving deep on your journey. 


It’s like having a looking glass on your own life, your commitments, your plans, your past issues, and your future. “Am I on the right path? Am I really happy with my career?” 


These could be some of the questions that bothered you during the retrograde, but don’t worry as I’ve mentioned above. You will gain clarity and absolute certainty now that Mercury is direct. 

More about Mercury...

Mercury also signifies how you perceive reality in your own mind. It’s about your understanding of what’s happening and your expectations on what could happen based on how you perceive it.

Mercury rules the rational part of the brain. That’s why during the retrograde process you reflected a lot, and now you’re about to apply your realizations.

More about Mercury stationing direct and its effects:

  • You will be open to learning new processes and innovative ways to understand the human experience and your purpose in life. 
  • Mercury will allow you to have an open mind and to be welcoming of other opinions and perspectives.


  • You will have greater patience and a deeper understanding when it comes to social and political issues. You won’t be driven by your emotions, but rather logic. 
  • Your critical thinking skills will be on-point you will be able to see things from al vantage points.

What to do now that Mercury is direct

Now that Mercury is direct and there will be no space for miscommunication or changes in perception of reality. 

You can sign contracts, open up a bank account, schedule important meetings, go on a first date, and finally, you can make monumental decisions or big purchases. 

Take advantage of your momentum!


Mercury being direct is a sign that nothing is permanent. Skies will be clearer again and all these obstacles that we went through this year will come to a halt. 

Align your inner self with the clarity and balance Mercury brings. 

And use it to make significant changes in your life, full speed ahead!

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