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My Heartfelt Thanksgiving Message To You

Happy thanksgiving spiritual seeker! 

Thanksgiving marks the start of the festive season.

So let me ask you, what have you been thankful for this year?

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time to remind you that there are still so many things to be grateful for, and count your blessings instead of focusing on your problems. 

This year wasn’t easy and as we take this moment to reflect, it sure was excruciating and fear-mongering for many.

For months we were all confined and isolated in our homes to prevent the spread of a pandemic. 

And it is nothing that we have seen in our lifetime. 

However, a vaccine is in the works and will soon be available to everyone so that’s one big news we should all be thankful for!

The essence of thanksgiving are gratitude and generosity.

If you are reading this right now, it’s one of the things you should be thankful for. 

Being here at this very moment, and being alive.

Whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Christian or none at all, everyone should commemorate Thanksgiving.

The celebration starts by acknowledging the blessings you have received this year.

Either by destiny, the universe, the Almighty God, or any other superior force you believe in that guides your future. 

Regardless of whom you want to give your thanks to, did you know that possessing an attitude of gratitude will grant you spiritual awakening? 

All the more, it may actually give you better circumstances in life and manifest your deepest grandest desires.

Benefits of gratitude and how to apply them in your daily life

Keep a conscious attitude of gratitude and a grateful heart as you get through your day because it has been proven to have major health benefits. 

Not only will it uplift your life but it also makes you much healthier in mind, body and spirit.

According to experts, the health benefits of gratitude are:

  • It improves your physical health – it can even be counted as regular exercise (not that it decreases calories but it gives the same positive effects to your mind and body)
  • You can get better sleep 
  • Helps in overcoming trauma
  • Aids in depression for some people
  • It is a great coping mechanism


Here are 3 Thanksgiving practices you can do to maintain an attitude of gratitude and manifest positive forces in your life

1. Make a list of people you haven’t thanked in your life recently, for almost anything.

It could be your friend who lent you some gas money when you left your wallet at home. 

Or your neighbor who helped you carry your groceries when you needed a hand.

Or a Facebook friend who never fails to cheer you up when you needed it, even if the both of you aren’t that close.

Or could it be someone in your family you have never “formally” thanked for everything they’ve done for you? 

Put them all in a list with a maximum of 10 people, 1-5 being the most important.

2. Write your thank you letter, note or email to 5 most important people in your life

 Making someone smile or making someone happy on this day will make you feel great! 

When you write your thank-you note, write to express and not to impress. There’s no need to sound smart or eloquent it just has to be heartfelt.

Focus on what these people brought to your life and you will instantly feel happiness from within.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

3. Practice this daily habit to maintain high vibrations in your life

When you  have a high vibration, you are more in touch with your higher self. 

We have different vibrations, so when you are happy you vibrate higher, when you are grateful you vibrate even higher. 

When you are sad, depressed, and angry you vibrate low.

Going back to number 3, every night before bed write one specific thing you are grateful for. 

Just one. 

And when you feel comfortable and it doesn’t feel like a chore, you can add more.

This habit forces you to shift your attention to the good things in your life. Becoming mindful of everything good around you.

And when you concentrate on the positive things in life and how much you have to be grateful for—this grows exponentially. You’ll be surprised by how your life will have an overflowing stream of gratitude and positivity.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” –Oprah Winfrey


Do you feel the energy of the Universe vibrating in your core?

Know that a big shift is happening in your life very soon… and with your attitude of gratitude this will speed up the process.

With a little help from this OM Oasis Ring. (Free for a limited time only)

It will allow the sound of the universe to tune into your own true nature.

Take advantage of this moment!

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