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Weekly Astrology Forecast: April 20th – April 27th, 2020

An amazing Monday to you, Spiritual Seeker!

We have the Aries Moon with us and you will feel an intense drive and motivation.

On Monday you will feel the power and vigor of Aries!

It is also an ultimately pleasurable week for you! So sit back and relax!

Monday, April 20th: Propel

On Monday you will feel energetic and driven. You will look forward to what you can get done today, having a sense of taking control and making things happen.

Astrology Event: Moon in Aries from 3:01 PM (sense of motivation, fiery)

Conjunction Chiron in Aries (wounded healer, strength)

Moon with Saturn in Aquarius (structure and stability)

It’s the best time to: Embrace this energy and get your pending tasks done.

More about the Moon in Aries

Aries is impulsive and fiery. Likewise, you would know exactly what you want and you won’t stop until you get it. Your desires may feel like needs. With the Moon in Aries, you are confident, ambitious, and determined.

Tuesday, April 21st: Forceful Energy

On Tuesday, It’s a day that may make you feel forced. There will be a misunderstanding in the family.

Put your energy towards influencing other people positively.

Astrology Event: Tues Sun in Taurus (Identity and structure)

Sun Square Saturn and Aquarius 

Aries conjuncts Mercury in Aries (communication at Odds)

Sextiles with Mars in Aquarius and Gemini (ambition Planet)

It’s the best time to:  Use your words and get away with anything on this day because of Mercury and Aries. 

What you should avoid: Using communication to get away with wrongdoings through manipulation.

Wednesday, April 22nd: Ease Off Day

On Wednesday you will feel at ease. Enjoy yourself and appreciate everything you’ve built in your life. Your blessings such as your family and friends.

It is a day where you can really feel at ease.

Astrology Event: Moon in Taurus 

Let’s chill and make memories

Squares Saturn in Aquarius (Planet of what we can achieve)

Conjuncts Sun in Taurus

It’s the best time to:  Since its Taurus season it is the best time to stand your ground and remain true to yourself. 

Thursday, April 23rd: New Moon in Taurus

On Thursday you will feel cozier when the new Moon is in Taurus.

It’s all about leisure and loving energy. You will be enjoying the pleasure that the Taurus energy gives.

You will also think about your own needs as you have the potential to completely indulge.

Astrology Event: New Moon in Taurus from 3:36 PM

Squares mars and Aquarius

It’s the best time to: Great day to start a business because on this day you are objective and you won’t cast any judgment.

More on Taurus Moon

You will start to see your challenges as blessings and you will appreciate the little things. You will feel more chill and mellow.

Friday, April 24th: Life is Full of Pleasures

On Friday you will feel comfortable to enjoy life’s many pleasures on your own. It will be all about pleasures like the past two days.

Astrology Event: Moon in Taurus squares Mars and Aquarius 

Moon Trines with the lucky planet Jupiter and transformative Pluto in Capricorn

Sextiles with Neptune in Pisces (dream and spirituality)

It’s the best time to:  Decide for yourself on what you enjoy, and stand your ground.

What you should avoid: Letting others decide for you.

Saturday, April 25th: Pluto Retrograde

On Saturday during the Pluto retrograde, expect inner transformation, and you will realize that if you push hard enough you can have your dream life.

Astrology Event: Moon on Gemini

Pluto (rebirth and transformation) goes retrograde until September

More on Pluto Retrograde

Your fear of death from the coronavirus pandemic will increase. It also means exponential growth and a test of faith. 

Generosity, compassion and spiritual growth will help you overcome fear.

It’s the best time to: reflect and use your voice to inspire others rather than scare them.

Sunday, April 26th: Transformation

On Sunday you will feel the need to verbalize what you really feel. You will have dire need to let people know what you think of them. Find ways to grow independently and mind your own growth. If you’re concerned about what other people are doing, let nature/karma do its job.

Astrology Event: Mercury in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn

Sun in Taurus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus 

Gemini moon conjuncts Venus in Gemini

It’s the best time to: Realize how much power you have to create the life you really need. Spread positivity and be open-minded, look inwards to your soul.


And that concludes your week!

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