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What To Expect For Venus Retrograde 2020

What does the planet Venus rule? And how would the upcoming Venus retrograde affect us?

Planet Venus rules love, desire, luxury, pleasure, art, and also money.

Retrograde means the planet is in ”reverse” so this means that your emotional stability, values, beauty, love, emotions, as well as money, will be “in reverse” too. 

Stop right there, before you go into a full on panic mode. In this article, we will guide you through so you don’t fall into the trap of this retrograde in motion which will start officially on the 13th of May 2020 and will end on the 25th of May.

Here's what you should expect during this major planetary event:

1. Brace yourself for unresolved issues re-emerging from the past


This could be your ex-lover finally giving you a closure or wanting to rekindle.

Venus as a planet of love and sensuality transforms you to become more internal, so it will force you to deal with unresolved issues that you may have escaped from your past.

Venus moves during the Gemini season(very expressive and chatty) and it may be difficult to hold off these emotions. You may not be able to put the breaks on once you started pouring them out.

You’ll be forced to rethink your past relationships, your past decisions but remain be brave enough to confront them. 

It could be past trauma, a hurtful breakup that needs closure –  leaving your toxic relationship with your partner or rekindling with an old flame you’ve been thinking about for months or years.

Although it may seem like a good idea to rekindle with an old flame, think deeply if this is what you really want.

2. Be ready to fall deeper in love with your partner or with someone else – if you’re single


If you’re planning to take your relationship to the next level, think about it a thousand times and don’t decide on a whim. During this retrograde, you will feel more attracted to love deeply, more than you think you know.

Your emotions are in an overdrive right now and you may not be thinking clearly. If you do take things to the next level, chances are things could go very wrong.

The best thing to do while on retrograde is to steer clear of any commitments.

3. Don’t make decisions based on your emotions


This one is applicable for married couples, as you will be drawn to have meaningful conversations with your partner. You may even want to pry on the past, 

Such deep conversations can quickly take a wrong turn.

“Hon, do you remember your colleague Stacey who called your cell at 12 midnight on Sept 12, 2014? How is she now?”

It’s a trick question guys, avoid arguments.

And for us ladies, let’s not be so quick to judge, it’s time to let that one go.

Since it’s the retrograde, you’ll want to look more closely about being too critical on your partner. “Why does he leave the toilet seat up?” “Why do I always do the dishes?” Instead of going hysterical, analyze your emotions, don’t create a fight, and talk these out with your partner calmly.

A lot can go wrong during this season, so take caution. Your emotions are heightened now and it will cloud with your judgment.

4. Don’t jump in too quickly


So you’ve met someone on a Zoom meeting with a close friend – suddenly you guys seemed to click, you have lots of things in common, and you think he or she is the one for you.

Stop right there, everything may seem perfect and love is in the air. But during the Venus retrograde, everything is not what it seems.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t entertain a potential partner but try to take things slow, just until the retrograde is over – it will become clear then. 

Right now, reality is somewhat influenced and clouded.

5. Don’t make impulsive changes in your appearance


Venus is the planet of beauty and you’ve been dying to dye your hair and cut those bangs. Hold that thought as you may regret it later.

6. Control your spending and don’t make investments YET


Taurus rules Venus and the second house which is finances. 

This means that your finances are in a rocky situation. Try to control your spending, hold off from buying unnecessary stuff online. If you’re itching to make an investment because it’s so convincing – such as the stock market. It could change instantly.

What can you do during the Venus Retrograde?

It would be incredibly tempting to just get swept off your feet but at this time you need realistic perceptions and expectations.

Venus retrograde is intense but it’s not all that bad.

Conversations that you have been avoiding may happen now, handle it in a calm and objective manner. Also, take this time to appreciate your loved ones as it is a sensitive time for us all.


This is one of the best times to connect with whom you really are from within. Finding out your soul’s purpose and accessing your higher wisdom to explore who you’re really meant to be. 

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